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Friday, November 17, 2006
Ungrateful, that's what I am.

John comes in last night, after driving through horrible weather (we had a tornado warning and flood watches as well) and announces happily, "I have a present for you!" He smiled at me like a little kid proud of his gift. I hopped off the couch greedily, was it a shirt? Or a pair of earrings? Perhaps booze????

I opened it. As I removed whatever it was from the satin pouch, John said, "It's to replace the glass one that was broken!" And I saw this curvy purple glass dildo. I was happy to see a replacement although a little apprehensive--the last one was awesome until afterwards--then I hated it for a few days. When John told me how much he spent for it, my enthusiasm for it waned considerably which made John sad...I mean, he did make an extra special detour to purchase it for me. He did present it to me with such pride and excitement to use it.

So I came home to it...held it a while and realized that indeed, I am happy that it's here...and that I'll be even happier when we get this!! Bless the person who decided to make an adult jungle gym!

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