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Thursday, November 02, 2006
Passout Party Just Around the Corner

Camera found! It was lurking with Godzilla...a lovely (and I truly mean that, I pet lil' zill all the time) addition to our shelves courtesy of John's bachelordom/childhood. I'm assuming that my drunken self thought that Godzilla could hide and protect my camera while I decided to pass out. Of course, before I passed out I dragged John upstairs to ravage him. What? Do you feel that host and hostess should stay up and entertain their guests? In our home, we do not. We went upstairs...I may or may not have ravaged that man I call a mate (the jury's out on that one, neither of can remember) while our friends partied until about 7am...Guess they didn't need us. (picture of one of lovely party goers down at our basement bar--John's friend talked to my friend for nearly two hours before they smooched! I'm hoping they hit it off...but we'll see...he swapped DNA with one of my other friends at our wedding reception)

What were we for Halloween before I shucked my costume off and rolled naked in my bed? We were the most distasteful pairing you can imagine. I'll let you guess if you'd like but I'm not going to tell just yet, for fear of being crucified.

In other news. We decided to try and lay low for a few weeks. We want to save up for fun stuff, maybe a little holiday vacation (oh la la), or Christmas presents or even birthday presents! We've eliminated credit cards from our lives and decided that we will live within our means. Our friends,however, have other plans for us. While we ate some wonderful, wonderful wings last night (they're free with a five dollar pitcher of Yuengling-Pennsylvania's idea of the best lager ever--I've never bought into the hype whatsoever--but I do appreciate that it's America's oldest brewery) we licked our fingers and discussed the wonders of Everclear, no not the band headed by Art somebody (who quite obviously had a horrible father), but the grain alcohol that has been banned in Pennsylvania due to the fact that myself and many other college goers in PA couldn't get enough of the stuff--we'd shove it in watermelons, drinks, even pasta salad if we had to (luckily I never went to that point of no return).

Anyways, our friend Tony and John decided that they had a hankering for the potent potable (put that in your glass and drink it Trebek!) and made the decision that on Saturday, we were going to trek down to the fine state of Delaware, (a state which is really on good for purchasing grain alcohol) and pick up a few bottles of the stuff. We're going to make good ol' fashion jungle juice (is that pc? should I call it a rainforest refreshment?), we're going to buy a new trashcan, and fill the lovely container with fruit, red liquid (Hawaiian punch perhaps) and lots and lots of grain. Saturday will be deemed Blackout Saturday, not to be confused with Black Friday. Wish us lots of luck.

PS. I read Jay's post about making sushi with Jason and it got me thinking that I would love to take a little cooking class kind of thing (that DOES NOT INVOLVE FISH RAW OR OTHERWISE) with thanks Jay, I'm going to see if there's anything cool like that in our neck of the woods.

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