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Tuesday, October 10, 2006
French Cuisine
( I had so much fun doing my drawings yesterday that I decided to do another one...and I'll keep on doing them until I'm bored of 'em!!)

Last night John and I went out to dinner. I kinda wanted to take him out on a date after being such a banshee towards him on Sunday afternoon/evening. So we went to the local brewpub and sat outside enjoying what seems to be the few remaining warm Fall evenings. Dinner was tasty--coconut shrimp to share, a Cuban sandwich for Johnny to nibble on and and plate full of grilled chicken, penne and sundried tomatoes for me. To add to the decadent dinner we ordered a pitcher of a reserve brewed Black Raspberry Wheat beer...mmm...dinner was heavenly, as was the company.

After dinner as we sipped our beer we talked about wanting to go to Paris someday--see the sights, eat the food...this may be due in part to the fact that we went to Target on Sunday and purchased John a small table lamp that was a teeny tiny replica of the Eiffel looks a little like this, but much much cuter, with a far better shade. And then it began...for the next hour I started teaching John little words that I remembered from French classes long ago (see I had to take French and German starting in grade school all the way to high I can remember a little).

He has these body parts down pat: nez, main (droit et gauche), l'oeil, bouche, dent, coeur
He has these verbs down as well: Nager, manger
He has these animals down: chien, chat, grenouille vert
He cannot for the life of himself remember: fenetre or oiseau

He can tell me he loves me, he can ask me to kiss him, he can tell me to shut up, he can tell me that I am his heart and that he gives his life for me...of course he can ask me if I want to sleep with him tonight.

Here and here are some more basics for you to practice Johnny!

Oh and how do I repay him for being such an apt pupil last night. I fall asleep in the bed...he attempts to wake me up with a little amorousness (actually, I kind of remember something being put into my mouth) and I just muttered something and rolled over and promised, "Tomorrow". I suck. But tonight I truly will :)

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