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Monday, September 18, 2006
A room with a view...

Yesterday after a devastating loss for the Eagles, John and I said goodbye to our friends and congratulated Chelle (remember her??) on her fabulous engagement and then started making out after they left. Once John got naked and then stripped me of all my clothing, he pulled me up off of the couch and led me through the kitchen and into the dining room. I was a slight bit confused at first until I saw him push the clutter off the granite table top and then I completely understood where this was going and it made me grin.

After several minutes of being laid out on the cool granite in front of our large windows (no pun intended...ok, it was kinda intended) I saw that my boy was distracted. He kept looking out of our very sheer sheers (as seen above and then he said, "That weird neighbor across the street just came home and he won't stop staring...". (aside: he's SUPER creepy, creepier than perhaps neighbors who like to bang in front of windows) "Can you really see in here, that clearly?" (hence the reason I added a yeah, you can really see in and out pretty darn clearly!!)

"Let him watch," I said, "I don't mind one bit...don't stop!" But eventually, even I got creeped out so we moved onto the living room floor, which turned out to be perfect timing because then a bunch of kids came out of their houses and started playing basketball in front of our house. I may like exhibition but, I don't think I want a corruption of minors charge slapped on me!

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