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Monday, August 28, 2006
Never have I ever...
Have you ever made your boyfriend/husband make a list of the people that he's slept with...

I did.

All because we found a game called the Newlywed's's not mine, it's not uh, we're not totally sure from whence it came. I will say this, it does not ask questions about "making whopee" as it did with Bob Ubanks, instead it talks about "making love." John and I are still puzzled. But that's not my story...

"The Newlywed Game" (as in the board game) is meant to be a deal breaker. It's full of stereotypes...such as "Why does yout wife get headaches before sex?" and "What color slip did she wear at your wedding?" (slip??? are you kidding me? um headaches??? I jump that poor boy anytime I can!!!) Anyways, there was a question that asked my loving husband if he'd rather more or less lovers (lovas) in his lifetime before he was married. My husband, being the complete analytical person that he is--decided to make a know, to make a determination.

I was going to keep the list ( as he was a little buzzed) for blackmail purposes but then he said I could make my list on a legal pad.


PS. I don't know what he's talking you?
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