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Friday, August 04, 2006
Like two trains in the night...
Last night John and I kept missing each other a little all the time--and not in the "OH baby I missed you" (because when he's out of the house for 12 hours a day, that's a given...I miss him all day long--like a crack whore, I'm going through withdrawl of seeing him every day 24/7 like I did for 10 beautiful days before he had to be a good boy and go back to work). We kept physically missing each other.

He hadn't been getting home until 7:15pm from work so I thought it was safe to run out and drop off a baby bib to my friend Tash who was having a little post baby sneak out for dinner/happy hour at one of the semi-local bars...guess who came home early from work for a little pre-dinner romp? Uh huh, and I missed it. At least I was on a baby bib mission and I wasn't there getting drunk while he was sitting at home waiting for me...that would've been bad. But nope, I had a glass of water and headed home to my husband.

Then we went to dinner at the country club where we're having our reception (next Saturday!). After the meal, we stopped at thitwbar and had a beer or two. I was inspired when John took one of the famous thitwbar coasters and started calculating prices of our reception. When he was done, I grabbed the pen and wrote on it, "I heart U" and said, "There. Now you have your very own love note on a coaster!" smiling. And he said, "Hmm, that's for me? Maybe you could work on some new moves?" (as an avid reader of blog archives, he knows me a little too well--seriously, those archives are going to be my personal hell someday) and I said, "What?!? C'mon, the love note coasters never worked on anybody else, I thought maybe they'd work on you..."
"M, you already know I'll sleep with you..."
"How do I know that? Maybe you won't. I gotta keep that game going."
"Oh? I could play hard to get if you want me to."
"Nah John, I like you easy."
"I like you easy too!"
That's when I belted John on the shoulder and got back for my meager pounding--a grin and a "What? Did you get those new unbustable balls?"
"Ok, ok...I'll think of something new to do..." and then my mind got to work thinking about how I could seduce my husband...

We headed home and watched It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (which is a hilarious show by the way), and then John tried to go check his email. That didn't sit quite well with me because I wanted sex or at least a little snuggling, so I jumped on the couch Matrix style and attacked him. This resulted in a little wrestling (where John nearly killed me twice--one by almost cracking my head open on the coffee table and two, when he nearly impaled me on the bathroom doorknob) and then it resulted in some of the best stuff on Earth...I'll give you a hint, John and his mouth do the work, and I do the moaning.

After we were both satisfied, John tried to stay up with me but his eyes kept closing, so I sent him off to bed...which makes me sad, if I could fall asleep when he went to bed, I'd go with him but I can't, so I stay up and kill zombies...someone has to damn it. Someone has to.

I had a mission though last night. Before he went to bed, I sneaked upstairs and grabbed a lipstick. I kissed John good night and then waited until I heard his gentle little snores and went upstairs and wrote "I love you. (Hope this is better than love coasters!)" I was pleased with myself thinking I had come up with a cute way to write down my love for John in a new way, never found in my archives (ok, I know it's not too original...but I've never done it before!!)

That's why I was greatly disappointed...when John woke up late for work, he never noticed my lipstick handywork (which means didn't brush your teeth!!). But even worse, I missed two text messages from my boy who obviously was having trouble sleeping...he was ever so sweet (once again, using the power of the archives) in writing me my favorite text message, "Wanna fuck?" (he means that it in the most loving way...he knows that I like the term fuck far better than "wanna make sweet sweet love?") the sad part about this is, I got the message this morning at 9 am. ugghhh. I sooo would've scampered up to my bedroom and pounced him.

And now this morning we volleyed messages where I apologized for not getting his text message and telling him how he missed my note on the mirror and now...I'm supposed to wait to hear the doorbell..hmmm. Cryptic, but cool.

Hey John...we have a whole weekend to be together. I can't wait!!
Oh and here's a little present for you when you get home...don't look at it at work!! (any of you... I have to thank Carrotpenis for finding this little treasure's all naked/pretty average every day women/exotic beauties that I know John will love. A couple who shares, shares porn).
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