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Wednesday, August 02, 2006
He's created a monster...
...or more accurately a zombie.

What happens when your new roommate (aka husband) brings his beloved Xbox into a home that has been game free for more years than I can count? Well no, he doesn't sit in front of the xbox and ignore me, in fact, he remains productive with his unpacking while I...I can't stop playing The House of the Dead III.

I put in a load of laundry, fold the stuff in the dryer (I think I'm on load 7 of the morning...I've been doing it since 5:30 this yeah, I leave three months of laundry and still have clean clothes to wear, ask John, he can attest to this) and then quickly scamper down the stairs. I grab the green gun and aim it at the screen, testing the trigger. The look of pure concentration and determination to kill any and all zombies sweeps across my face, amusing John to no end. My eyes glaze over and I pull the trigger to unleash the carnage. Hopefully only zombies will fall today.

If only...if only I could be a housewife. I would cook, do laundry, get one of those perfectly tanned and toned bodies of the ladies I see in the grocery store at around 12pm carting around 8.3 screaming curly haired "cherubs", no doubt they hit the gym for a luxurious two hours (can you tell that I don't have my gym membership anymore?? I obviously miss it, because I said luxurious and not torturious) But the most productive part of the day would be when I would sit in front on the tv and play House of the Dead all freakin' day!

What has happened to me? I used to read all summer...just sit on the deck and I prefer the shades lowered, the tv volume at a murmur, while my face remains glued to the screen. I feel I've changed, mutated...into the zombie form of myself. Three weeks left of blessed housewifedom and xbox. Oh xbox, how I love thee...and John I love you too...for giving me an xbox.
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