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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
taking a break...
from being a wife for a second...if that's possible. I'm trying so hard to make this place organized so that we can fit all of our stuff under one roof and let me tell you, for months we've been preparing for this and throwing away bags and bags of my stuff. I've dropped off 18 bags of clothing at Good Will and still...I have way too much stuff. I stare longingly at my favorite jeans that I haven't fit in, in oh, say two years and I attempt to put them back into the drawer...but I caress them one last time and put them in the garbage bag. It doesn't matter, for every one pair of favorite jeans I put in the bag *sigh* there will be a thousand other pairs, buried somewhere else for me to find...It's an arduous task, but one that has a nice outcome--a clean house, a happy husband, and well...maybe I'll be able to find some of those "favorites" I've haven't seen in a long time.

In other news...

The honeymoon was GREAT! We saw the sights, we ravaged each other as much as our slightly jet-lagged bodies would allow us (who knew that three hours would make such a difference??), John pampered me with room service and kisses, oh and then there was that little thing of us getting married!! (kidding). John got very lucky in Vegas in several, he got to marry me. Two, he put a five dollar bill in the slot machine at the Bellagio (one of the nicest places on the strip) and he won us $150 smackaroos! With cash in hand, my lovely husband took me to dinner in that lovely casino, at a restaurant we probably would've walked right past.

We stayed at a casino on the strip that will give us stories to tell for years to come. We picked the New Frontier because it was on the cheaper end, but was right on the strip in the middle of all the "cool and newer" casinos. Where the Bellagio had an entire lake and fountain shows nightly, the New Frontier offered us a lovely rock garden where it appeared that waterfalls once cascaded down...a long, long time ago. Don't get me wrong, it was a nice hotel/ was just on par with the casinos that John and I are used to when we go to Atlantic City. It wasn't until we saw the oppulence of all the other casinos were we aware that our casino was just a tad bit dated. But like I said, we cracked jokes about it all week and then we learned the beauty of the super cheap drinks of our casino and we shut our mouths...over $1 beers.

We got married here. We went for the cheese of a Las Vegas wedding and embraced it. They offered to take our picture as husband and wife, but we declined...but if you look at the lovely couples on the link, I think it was wise of us to pass on the them.

And a final note for today...if you go to Vegas, and you enjoy other sins such as gluttony, you absolutely must go to the Wynn and eat at their's pricey, but it was so good, that we had to lay on our bed for hours, unable to touch each other because we were soo full!

Now kids, I have to put an apron on and begin preparing the evening's repast...before you get too freaked out about my Stepford wife behavior, I'll only be wearing the apron and heels...wait, that's still, John? Did you take my brain out and replace me with a robot? C'mon, you can tell me...

Kids, I gotta tell you, it's fun being a newlywed!
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