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Wednesday, July 05, 2006
A Glimpse of my bliss
Peppered into conversations and congratulations there are always the leaned-in whispered questions of, "Why so soon?" "You're not preggos, are you?" "I know you're happy and all, but how can you be so sure, so soon?"

My answers are usually, "Why not? Why wait? Why be engaged for a year when I know that I want to marry this man right now." and then "No I'm not pregnant." And to the question, "How can you be so sure, so soon?" I usually just shrug and say, "I just know."

Yesterday was a prime example of "just knowing" because it was such a simple, but perfect kind of day. He let me jump him numerous times, which is always a sign that it's going to be a darn good day--he's such a good sport, he he. We laid around in the morning watching nerd tv--you know, Discovery Channel animal shows, a little A&E and John even paused on the History Channel here and there. After our sponge-like brains ooohed and aahhed over the new information that was hitting our eyes and firing up the ol' synapses in the head, we decided to go over to my mom's and pick up our little orphan dog (she stayed with them while we were at the beach).

We also decided to go swimming, where I treated John to a fun little game of pantsing...I chased him all around the pool laughing and splashing while he held tight to his swim trunks as I tried desperately to pull them off. I managed to get them half down once but victory his that day...he got my bikini bottoms off in one try. And then it became a three ring circus. Our dog decided that yesterday was the day that she was going to take the plunge. She became the world's greatest diving dog in the history of dogs. Because she dove in, my older dog felt that she too, should come into the pool...only to realize that she hates water and that's why she had abstained from the water all these years. You can imagine then, John and myself, trying desperately to keep the dogs from tearing the liner of my mom's pool...John was constantly lifting dogs out of the pool, setting them on the deck, only to see them dive back in and swim around for a few seconds. The process repeated until we finally got out of the pool because John's hands were getting pruney.

We were politely kicked out so that my mom and her boyfriend could get ready for the fireworks show they were going to, and we picked up food to grill. Chicken, hotdogs, potato salad, and limeade with rum were all part of our menu. Our little forray to the grocery store also included the cutest thing I've seen in a very long time--John put together a care package for his roommates, with all the stuff that they need to sustain the apartment without him, like soap, sponges and stuff like that. It was so sweet. John and Roommate 1 have been roommates for over five years, and now that John's moving, a chapter's closing. Roommate 1 already misses John--and John hasn't even begun to pack yet!!

And now I give some reasons why John should be initiated into sainthood:

1. He let me pelt him with ice. Was he doing anything to deserve this? Nope. Were we playing around? Nope. He was just laying on the couch minding his own business--and there I am, throwing ice from the freezer at him (I think I'm a six year old).

2. He let me molest him with the ice (I guess it's a good thing I'm not a six year old, otherwise John would have some 'splaining to do).

3. I wouldn't stop tickling him. I'm sorry, he looks really cute when he's all squirmy (although I felt sympathy and gave him a break for a few hours).

4. He was tired, he had to go home-- but he let me seduce him one last time (seriously, I had been putting him to work in that area all day long), mid-seduction I have a monster asthma attack--everything that was occurring had to cease and desist immediately...if ever there was a man that could use the blue ball murder plea, it would've been John at that moment.

5. He gets scared, and runs around everywhere looking for an inhaler. I keep saying weakly, "There's one on every floor" even though it was apparent that there sure as hell wasn't.

6. He sits next to me for a little longer than he probably should've making sure I'm ok, and kisses this sleeping naked, asthmatic, soon to be wife on the head, wrapping me up in a blanket, telling me that he loves me and that always leaves me with a smile on my sleepy face.
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