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Monday, June 26, 2006
How I spent my summer vacation...(well the first week)

It was a quiet little weekend until last night. But Karaoke Sunday at a bar which is not a karaoke bar...will be another post all together.

After my night out on Thursday night, I needed a break. Again, let me explain. I woke up on Thursday feeling still hungover from my "limo night" out with the girls in the city. John met us out after he stubbed his toe and ripped off most of his big toe nail, but he was not to be stopped--he wanted to see me, I wanted to see him--what's a little toe nail and a whole lot of blood going to do, stop us? It probably should've, but it didn't. He went back inside his house and wrapped his toe in toilet paper and electrical tape...apparently, only MacGuyver's materials were at hand in a medical emergency in his apartment. See picture. Later on that evening (or morning), I had the express pleasure of pulling the toenail out of the nailbed with a pair of plumbing pliers. It wasn't all that difficult as the entire toenail was already hanging off except for one piece. Sorry if you're squeamish, it really wasn't pretty (but it's looking a lot better now).

I decided to stay in the city with John and continue on to a different bar to hang out with Roommate 1 and Roommate 2 since it was Roommate 2's birthday but, I wasn't really thinking about the fact that I wouldn't be able to get out of the city! It was ok, because I was thinking that I could just get a ride home with Tony after the boys had band practice on Thursday night. I roused myself in the morning to go to lunch with John and then I went back to his house, turned the air conditioner on and tried to sleep it off (this is what happens when you have your first week of summer go on a drinking spree to end all drinking sprees, as if you were just turning 21). It's also a tough pill to swallow when you're John, and everyone around you has the luxury of going out until all hours of the night and then all hours of the day to sleep it off! Add the fact that he walks back and forth to work and he had an electrical taped bandage on his foot? Poor kid. I swear I thought about him the whole time I was lying in his bed snoozing.

At around five pm, John's roommates and I decided to go out for half priced Margaritas. John was ever so excited when I called him and told him that he had to come to the bar to pick up his key to the house because I realized that he gave it to me to use and that left him keyless. Well, no one told me that the margaritas were infused with severe drunkening powers--these were no mere mortal Margaritas, they were Margaritas of the gods! When Roommate 1, his friend and I went to the next bar to meet John and the other band members I was already feeling no pain. I was also excited to see how this band practice thing worked...hmm, all members together and yet no music equipment broken out? check. everyone still at the bar? Check. Everyone at the bar drinking 22oz Long Island Ice Teas? check. After a few of those...apparently band practice was ready to begin. For me? It was time to lay in the bed, hoping that it would stop spinning. And then I puked. It was really quite sexy so I don't want to go into it because you'd be all aroused and stuff...But at least I managed to rouse myself from the bed/toilet/praying position and actually go down to the basement to hear them practice.

So Friday I did nothing but recover on the couch and watch the entire day's lineup of The Learning Channel (in which no learning actually occurs--for reals) and then my baby surprised me on his lunch break. He came home and told me that he had something for me...I was hoping for two things--a ham sandwich of some sorts and some hot sweaty sex. You see, I've had poison ivy for a few days, so it kind of put a damper on our fun. Friday I was feeling like poison ivy or no poison ivy, I was having sex...and sex I got! Honestly? It was the only space of time in the day that I didn't feel like I wanted to die. I never did get that ham sandwich, but my other hungers were satiated.

So you see why I needed a nice easy weekend? I burnt myself out with Weds and Thurs. Friday night John and I stuffed wedding envelopes and snoozed on the couch, hoping to nap a little and then head down to the beach for some sun, surfing, and just relaxing. This was not in the cards, it rained all freaking weekend!

Up next? Movie reviews and Karaoke Sunday update...
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