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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Missing You...
Hello loves...sorry I took a brief hiatus from the blogging world. I always have something to blog but I often feel bad typing feriociously in front of John because yeah, we spend a lot more time together and yeah there's that whole we get to spend the rest of our lives together...but then again...I'll probably be blogging for the rest of my life too!! Hey folks, I'm no quitter like half the blogosphere!! kidding...I just get sad when my favorite bloggerinos jump ship on me.

Anyways, now that the guilt trip is firmly in place, I'll move on.

Just like any crow or magpie I enjoy shiny it was ever so lovely that John indulged me with a very shiny diamond ring on Thursday night. Imagine this, I'm at the local high school watching the seniors graduate and on my way home I get a text that says, "Let me know when you get home." So I send him one saying that I'm at my house and that I'm hopping in the shower. He replies that he's at thitwbar and that he'll be down to get me. I shrugged and hopped into the shower. HOLY SHIT! That's when my hot water heater decided to whimp out on me and not work. My lungs seized up but I forced myself to remain in the freezing water because I was so sticky from the humidity (Pennsylvania is the stickiest state in the union, I'm nearly sure of it). Well I get out of the shower and I hear John playing with the dog downstairs so I yell down to him, "I'll be down in two seconds, I just gotta get dressed!" He yells back, "Can I come up?" (um, yeah, because he's never seen me that why he's asking?? Aww so polite) and before I can yell, "Yea!" He's pummeling the stairs and immediately as he enters my dirty clothes laden bedroom he drops to his knee and at the same time whispers, "Will you marry me?" And there I am ladies and gents...topless, underwear at my knees and I grabbed him up from the floor and said, "Yes, of course I'll marry you..."

And the cutest thing? He was nervous. I agreed to marry him without a ring (because honestly? It's gorgeous and all (and it's super gorgeous...) but the ring is just a symbol) but he was still nervous. And then we both sat on the bed hugging, kissing and crying with my underwear still at my knees and I was still topless. I kissed him on the temple and said, "So this is the story I'll be telling my grandkids?" and we both laughed.

I tried to take pictures of the ring but I can't hold the camera steady, so when I get a partner in crime, either Chelle, John or T...I'll make them take it and post it for you.
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