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Wednesday, June 28, 2006
The shy one in the family
John and I took the dog back to the dog park near his house. The first time we went it was fairly a disaster. The dog just sat with us and foamed at the mouth with fear that the other dogs were going to sniff her ass. So basically, my girl who is typically praised for being the prettiest canine of them all, looked like she had one mean case of rabies.

This time we took her and it was even less fun...if that's even possible. John and I tried to get her to play with the balls that were littering the park, but she turned her little brown nose up at them and looked as us as if to say, "Why, in all that's holy do you keep bringing me to this little doggie prison?" and then she would trot off to the gate to figure out how she could escape.

We attempted to make her jealous by having a game of catch on our own. That too, failed miserably, although we had a nice little catch on our own. It was clear though that John wanted one of those other dogs...the dogs that were chasing each other, sniffing each other's butts, some were actually playing with their owners!! He looked wistfully at the little pug puppy who was happily biting on the heels of a beautifully brindled pitbull. He perked up a little when the ugliest dog in America came in (named Macy) because at least he could say that that dog was both ugly and anti-social. We gave up after about a half hour of coaxing her to play with us. Pretty much the only exciting thing she actually did at the dog park was poop...and that wasn't the interaction we were really going for.

So...I'm not sure if she's shy, or if she's just a snob. Her "people" (john and I) aren't ones to be overly shy, so we don't know what to do with her. If it's just snobbery?? I can handle that one!
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