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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
An Anniversary of Sorts...
Last year at this time, I was frantically getting off of work and running to the mall to find T and myself something stunning to wear out. We were excited, we were getting out of town on the biggest bar night of the far out of town? Not far at all...but we still managed to call it the Far Away Bar. I remember being at the mall and trying to find an outfit and then thinking to myself, "What's the point, I'm not going to be meeting anyone anyways" but somehow I still managed to purchase a cool black drapy tanktop that had silver mesh at the top that met in a V on my chest. Being as poor as I was last year, I had to wear a black tuxedo jacket over top of the shirt because I had to leave the tags on i...I knew as soon as the night was over, it was going back.
Because I never drove anywhere last year since my location was just too close to thitwbar, I offered to have a sober Thanksgiving Eve and drive T around...that notion even shocked the hell out of me, but it was more important to me to make sure that my friend had a fun, and safe time. As it turned out, my decision was best, because it was the first snowfall that night as well!

We got to the bar and I described the whole evening like this...
That was the night I met John. I was there for all two hours and only about twenty minutes while he was there. He was one of the "cute boys" that we regretted leaving the bar because, but he (and all the other cuties) was only a minor footnote in the blogpost (which is really awful and I must've had nothing to write about) because I never expected to hang out with him again...he was living in the city, I had heard that he had " girlfriend problems" (which I later learned first hand about sadly) so I chalked the experience up to this--I took his picture with T (John dated T's old best friend at one point), I sat across from them for about ten minutes while they caught up, I was introduced and then we left. I asked T on the way out, "Who was the guy with the hot guy with the cane?" (hot guy with the cane=John's old roommate) and she said, "Him? That's John. He's really cool, but he's not your type." In my head I questioned, what was my type these days? Jerks, losers, ex-boyfriends? At this point I was well into my man ban and had been sex free for about two, close to three months...I was trying "to get my shit together so I could figure out what I actually wanted in a man besides sex"...holy shit, who knew that Man Bans actually work? (Amber probably does,but she's a smarty pants)

I never mentioned him again to T until we hung out with him and Tony randomly one December night and then I said to her the next morning after he dropped us off at home, "He's kinda sexy." She gave me a look, "You think so? I wouldn't think he'd be your type."
But quite frankly it had taken everything in me not throw the poor boy on the ground and have my way with him...but of course, he's mentioned as a footnote again in the blog because I didn't want anyone to think I was obsessing about him or starting my "crazy talk" the back of my mind though, he was there.

And now John's mine all mine.
So this Thanksgiving, I'm giving thanks that I got to meet John that snowy night at a bar I never go to...and John's probably cursing the evening and all of tenaciousness that followed :)

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