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Wednesday, December 06, 2006
Hijinx and paint
John arrived home on Friday to an already tipsy wife. Our work was supposed to have a Holiday Party, it was cancelled for lack of participants and so it was changed to a happy hour. Oddly enough, I never signed up for the Holiday Party but I did attend the happy hour...go figure.

In the effort to save money for the floor (remember: we have disgusting disgusting that if I were to take a picture of it and put it up on the web--you'd puke!) we decided to make an effort to have fun all weekend but to avoid the bars because we can't escape them without dropping a significant amount of money. So, considering that we have a nice bar in the basement it's not like we're making a sacrifice, we're just getting tipsy/drunk/incoherent/hallucinate-y (err...that last part was just me) with each other. Let me explain.

The beer started flowing, the music was playing, my clothes somehow were taken from me and then somehow I was having sex. Then I stopped. I looked up and said, "You know, I don't really comfortable doing this...I'm married!" Then, after a few seconds I recognized that indeed, I was having sex with my husband! Saint John just looked at me and said to me, "Get on your knees." I complied. This drunken fantasy stuff is nothing new...I've seduced Bruce Springsteen in my drunkeness as well as seduced John at my inebriated imaginary prom.

Aside from being a pro at putting up with my drunken coital fantasies, John turned out to be an excellent Craft Show shopper too. He came with me to my old high school to see all the wares and to purchase Christmas gifts. We got a bracelet for his sister, a lovely sterling and turquoise necklace for his mom and a piece of pottery for my mom. I bought John a lovely sepia toned photo of Boathouse Row that looks better than this...but still gives him a little piece of the city he left behind. It's ok that I told you all about it because as soon as I saw it, I pointed it out to John and said, "Go away, I need to buy you that for Christmas!" And so it goes. I've never been able to keep a present secret...but I'm going to try to for the last couple. John says he doesn't care and that he doesn't really like Christmas but...I'm going to knock that grinchiness right out of him. The holiday isn't celebrated religiously by either of us, but it has always been a time for me to pull my family close and tell them how much I cherish them. This year, celebrating with John will be the same way, and he will be my favorite gift. **ok, enough with the sap** Although, we did have a nice little romantic dinner Saturday night and I had Juliet Chicken, which I would've made sweet tender love to had I not been selfish and busy getting mine by shoveling it down my throat.

Sunday was all paint, all the time. John is trying to put his mark on the interior of the house, and as he has far better taste than me...we bought lots of paint to cover the walls, and they needed it. Somehow, even though I've been living here for a few years I only managed to paint a few rooms and those that I did paint I did a pretty horrible job with--I've never had patience for more than one coat of paint--I hear that's a no no. John has a sweet way of making me do work--he plies me with liquor. It's a proven method, one that's never failed us yet. We stocked up on champagne, wine and many, many mugs of beer. Amazingly, even though he filled me with so much bubbly goodness--I managed only to paint a little bit of trim and a couple of coats of white paint on the doors. Speaking of which...can you believe that I lived for over two years with bluish-grey trim and doors?? What kind of sadist paints all the trim/doors bluish-grey?? The person who sold me the house, that's who!

Other than that I've just been busy with work and with getting this grad class finished...only one more week and then it's all posting, all the time! Careful what you wish for ;)

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