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Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Good news! I get a new phone on Thursday, apparently, I'm allowed to get a new phone two months before my contract is up...I'm very excited. Although I've been able to make my phone work, ala MacGuyver, it will be extra exciting not to have to warm my phone up with the car heater to do so. And you know, I NEED my phone, particularly because I receive strange random text messages at all hours of the night from people all over the country. I'm not sure why, this happens but just the other day I got an awesome one that said, "As pegasus flies through Aquarius, so too he sends my love to you." I have no idea what that all means and I have no idea who from California would be sending me Pegasus's love but I certainly enjoyed it.

Even better news! I took off work today to get work done...I've got deadlines people! So my goal is to get everything done in the morning hours (which is never going to happen) and then continue what Johnny started last night. As I've stated before, you've never seen a slob quite like me. I haven't seen the floor in my bedroom since I first started dating John and that's only because my mother said to me, "No man is going to want to have sex with you in this pigsty!" because those are the weird statements that my mom likes to make. So yeah, the last time my bedroom was clean was when my mommy helped me clean it...this time, while I napped on the couch, my husband cleaned it! Now that the hardest task is done, I just need to wash, fold, hang about 9,874 items of clothing and find a place in the new wardrobe that John put together for me!

So yeah, just wanted to get a post out there...I will post again for real once this mountain of paperwork miraculously disappears and I must keep myself off the internets until then.

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