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Friday, February 02, 2007
Gone to the Dogs

Hi everybody! I'm the dogbaby around here. I'm tired of being ignored so I decided that it was time for me to write a post. First of all, check out that first picture. I can't believe that my mom (Melina) crammed me into this pirate dog tee that is meant for a 30 lb dog! I mean sure she stretched it and she only made me wear for five minutes to take the picture but, whatevs. I'm 57 lbs (of pure lean muscle), I'm giving her the "Kill me now" face. She never gets it. What's her deal with pirate stuff anyways??? It's always skull this, eye patch that...she needs to get a new "thing". I secretly hear her cry about losing (throwing out the window when drunk) her neighborhoodies "I love Pirate "beach bag. She's a loser, I've come to accept it, you should too.I am very cranky in the morning, which is why Mom and Dad call me Cranky Frankie. They think it's cute, I think one day I might bite one of their faces off.

Sometimes I humor them by rolling on my belly so that they can pet me. It's a privillege and an honor. I hope they understand that.

But seriously folks, the best part of my day? When those two get out of my bed so that I can just relax and contemplate the meaning of life. I'm not sure why Melina and John call me Leisure Dog...must be some inside joke that I'm just not privy to.

Now if you'll excuse me...I think it's naptime.

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