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Wednesday, February 21, 2007
where are you going? Where have you been??

So I know at least one person (Jay) has been missing my poetic and poignant posts. The question, "Where have you been?" can only be answered by the above pictures. I've been digging out of the carnage left behind in my house. Let me tell you what I've been doing. I've been drinking. Heavily. It all started on Friday...because hey, I'm mature now and I don't go drinking on school nights. So Friday, we went to see our friend's band play, we were sprayed with a lovely mixture of beer and gallons of (fake) blood (as usual, only our friends Matt was fazed by the bloodiness and the eagerness of many patrons to get bloody). Of course, staying out until 2 was not enough and we love our friends so much that we just HAD to continue the party here at home in the basement bar with other like minded mature adults...Like minded individuals who stayed up until 7am, long after I was snoozing on the floor in my guest room spooning John.

The next day was full of Bloody Marys and laughter through the pain of hangovers. All of the pain was forgotten when at 6pm, we boarded a drunk bus and headed towards Trenton, NJ. Our stay there was short. Tony's band played again. I might've done a choreographed leopard crawl across the floor of the bar...but then again, I might not have. Which do you think it is? Everything remains hazy except for the fact that it was fun, there were lots of drinks, loud music and bouncers who kept trying to hit on T. Then all hell broke loose seems to do that with our crowd and Tony ended up hitting someone in the face and knocking them out. We were promptly sent back to Pennsylvania...which was fine with us, there was plenty of free beer on the bus! (please refer to picture of shitty Pabst Blue Ribbon Pounders, it's what all the "cool scenesters" drink)

And round and round it went until Monday afternoon when finally, I was able to assume my position on the couch and it was pure heaven. I turned to John and said, "In April, after all our birthdays, bachelorette parties and weddings...we're going to enter into the Witness Protection Program to escape our friends!" Last night he turned to me and said, "We're probably the only two people who could have a baby right now and actually save money!" It's sad, but true. It was a nice little homage to the old times of our wild ways, but it hit the pocket a little harder than we intended.

Next up? NYC this weekend for John's birthday. Stop by on Friday and say, "Happy Birthday" to my pookie!

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