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Thursday, March 01, 2007
Six is like sex except it has an I in it...
This here is a little meme where I'm supposed to reveal six EXCITING things about myself. I don't know if these qualify as exciting, but they will certainly make you question whether or not you want to continue reading this blog. I decided to do most of my "reveals" about something from my childhood, so take what you will from it:

1. When I was in fourth grade I was in a musical where I played one of Santa's elves...I wasn't just any old elf either, I was his right hand elf named Rocky. There was a slight twist. For some reason this musical was about Santa deciding to become more "rockin'" and "rockin'" in this case was to become a biker and his elves were going to be 50's style greasers ala The Outsiders (and I'm sorry, but I hate the Outsiders...I particularly HATE Ponyboy...because his fucking name is Ponyboy). Looking at the pictures now, I look exactly like Squiggy from Laverne and Shirley except that I have legs that resemble five foot tall toothpicks. Where did those legs go? How can I go about getting them back? If anyone has the answer to this, please drop me a comment.

2. Every night when I was in second grade I used reach under my pillow and pull out my Michael Jackson Thriller album cover and then pull out my cover of Purple Rain and I would debate over which cover to make out with...yes, that's correct. I debated over which cover to slobber on. If you've been reading this blog for a while you won't be shocked by this behavior because I also used to lick the television screen whenever The Great American Hero or Luke Duke came on.

3. My dog has her own myspace, she's very popular on the Internets. Yes, I'm a nerd--I will freely admit that to you all, since I don't know you.

4. There was this time when my dad broke his wooden leg at a very fancy restaurant. It looked as if he had been stabbed in the leg by a gigantic piece of wood to the average very fancy restaurant goer. My dad yelled to me, "Quick Melina!" as he threw me the keys, "Run back to the car and get me a spare leg!" (and you thought YOU had an embarassing set of parents?!?) I ran to his car and debated for a few moments over the idea of which leg to bring him (because you see...he brought two with him). I grabbed a leg, threw it over my shoulder and began running back towards the super-fancy-restaurant-that-my-small-white-trash-family-shouldn't-have-been-in. As I ran, the leg began kicking me in the ass. I finally made it into the restaurant, and into the men's room where my dad was patiently waiting/sitting on a toilet because he couldn't balance on one leg forever. A man at the urinal yelled, "Hey you can't be in here...wait, what do you have?" giving me a puzzled WTF look, he then scurried away and I was able to hand my father his spare leg. When we left the bathroom, my dad announced to every single diner in the restaurant, "I think we will be going to Wendy's". This is one of my favorite stories. It's better when I tell it in person because, like Carrot Top (the Anti-Christ) I can tell it with props!

5. I was the twice recipient of the GIANT COOKIE GIVEAWAY at my elementary school! They put little stickers on the bottom of the trays and if you had the sticker then you won this enormous cookie that was bigger than your head. I declare that I am the biggest nerd in the world. Instead of sharing my cookie with my friends at school, or on the bus...I took my cookie home to show my dad. Yes that's right, I took. my. cookie. home. to. show. my. parents! Then, I'd call all my friends to come over and we'd tear into the cookie. But, I had to show my parents what kind of winner they had! They had to see my prize intact! (I shake my head at how weird I was/am)

6. When I was very small I took ballet, and because of this I was given a tutu. I didn't like ballet very much but I loved my tutu as is evident in the photo. I wore that thing everywhere. I went to the grocery store with my mom in it. I had to be coaxed to take it off when I went to swimming classes. I wore it to bed. I wore it to pre-school every day. I. would/could not take it off. After looking at the pictures, I think I want a new one. But then again, I could just wear the underskirt to my wedding dress I did a few weeks ago, just because old habits die hard. Who can resist puffy tulle?? Tell me?

Who will I pick to do this? No one. Feel free to do it if you don't have much to write about. This weekend should be simply oozing with bloggable moments! Tomorrow- lunch at thitwbar with John's family for his birthday. Tomorrow night, Chelle's bachelorette party! Sunday, dinner with John's dad for his bday. But the best part?? Next week is my birthday!! Whooo!

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