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Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Virginia May Be For Lovers, But Apparently Showers Are For Breakups...
So we had a baby shower for one of my best friends at work today. In the middle of the shower this one lady starts walking in my direction (someone I've only said hello to in passing) and I knew, "Uh oh."

"So are you the English teacher who's dating John? I just love do know the backstory right? He used to date our know he comes over to our house still every now and then and we can all hang out. From what everyone tells me about you, I bet you two really hit it off..." (she never stops talking and never lets me get in a word) " yeah, do you go to the city a lot? I bet that's fun...I bet you two are really going to get somewhere, he's an accountant right and you a successful young lady??" (I wish I was making all this up...but my friend Nikki repeated it verbatim to me so I could remember exactly what she said. After the first few sentences of her talking I stopped concentrating on what she was saying and more on when I was going to cut in and say the following:

"Um yeah no, yeah, he's a great guy. Um...he broke up with me a while ago...we were just getting dinner when we ran into your husband. He's actually hanging out with someone else now."

She stands up and says, "My, this is awkward. I was just talking to John's sister trying to figure out who you were when I was getting this gift certificate for the shower...oh, I'm sorry." (and there was more, but at this point there about 50 women totally tuned into my dating failure so I quickly blurted:

"Seriously, it's ok. It's not your fault, I swear!"

But I don't think she believed me, because she backed away from me and sat in the opposite corner of the room. Hey, if you can't laugh at these random encounters that bring me closer together with people I don't know because of John, what can you do? No,
seriously, what can you do?

***edit***I get this email from my one friend who was was her baby shower and she sent me a couple of emails about the slightly awkward/mostly funny moment. She says about the post (she's one of three people I work with that reads this religiously):
"I just read it- and that is what I mean, your life is what they make movies and HBO series about. never a dull moment...I can't think of anyone who would want to watch the show about the pregnant lady who goes to the produce stand and washes her husband's underwear..."
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