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Friday, April 07, 2006
Interview Me...
It's question time dear readers...I'm sick of coming up with my own mournful/soulful posts of late and since I'm not doing anything fun since all my friends have boyfriends, I don't have anything good to write! So I'm asking you to help me. C'mon it's the 21st century, let's make this an interactive blog. As you write the questions, I'll post them here and then answer them. Oh what fun, right? Well, maybe.
****as the questions come in...I add them below***

Have you tried the new HOT Cheetohs? why no, no I haven't...but I love Cheetohs so I'm sure at some point in a drunken trip (someone else driving of course) I will taste a little of this hot heaven you speak of.

Myself? thanks for asking. I have not. I'm a bit of a traditionalist with my Cheetohs.

o.k. on a more forum friendly's serious time here. uh oh...

Melina - what is your ideal scenario/lifestyle environment 8 years from now? 8 years from now I hope that I will be sharing my heart and home with someone, this being alone thing is wearing thin on my soul. It's been too long, and I'm tired of relying totally on myself for everything. I want to be part of a whole, rather than the whole itself. Ideally, I will either still have my job or I will have one that's equally rewarding, but flexible enough to feed my adventurous soul. It needs some nourishment. Kids would be cool, so that I could impart all the fun, interesting theories on life that my dad left me with. what are you doing for relaxation, socially? intellectually? In all honesty? I've been wasting away. I'm miserable and I can't really put my finger on it...just completely dissatisfied with everything. I've steered clear of socializing, kinda. Intellectually? I typically read like a ravenous animal, but lately I can't concentrate on books, people or movies. Sorry, lame answer but it's a true one.

#2) Do you think Steve Earle is one of the better American, non-mainstream songwriters of today? I Googled Steve Earle because he's a man I knew nothing, um...non-mainstream I'll agree with, the rest? I haven't a clue. But he has a beard, and I like beards. A lot.

What is the most panic-inducing situation you've ever been involved with at a job? Getting observed by people. I spend my life in front of a crowd but panic a little each time "a head honcho" comes to observe me.
Most embarrassing situation at a job? Well I learned early on that I needed a bra with some padding since they keep my building slightly above iceberg temperature. It was fairly obscene and I almost poked a kid's eye out with my hard thicker bras it has been ever since. Oh and another embarassing situation...I made out with a coworker and he told people that he had a threesome with me and my other friend. Meanwhile, I kissed him for like 30 seconds. Whatevs...
Who is the person in your life you've known the longest and with whom you still have a decent amount of communication? I've known Chelle for 27 years and actually, our friendship has only gotten stronger over the years...well it had to really, because she once dragged me around by my hair on her front lawn!!
Boring questions, I know. I'm trying to steer clear of the "Penthouse Pet" type questions (Turn ons? Turn offs?) Well I'm going to do the turn ons and turn offs anyways...cuz I'm bored.
Turn ons: sense of humor, intelligence, tattoos, beards, interesting quirks/habits/hobbies(things that I can poke fun of), kindness, unavailability...if I can't have you...then I want you all the more (must I remind you of a certain young cook??) communication,vulnerability, sock monkeys, backrubs, people who think I'm wonderful and the beach is a definite turn on. Oh who am I kidding? I get turned on more than a lamp. "I love lamp." It really doesn't take much...

Turn offs: lies, stupidity, bigotry, math, semen trees, horseshoes, bad breath, bananas, boring sex.

Thanks Scott!

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