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Monday, April 03, 2006
Sex in the City...
John and I began trading messages around noon because he was out with his roommates drinking Bloody Marys and he thought of our "Bloody Sundays"... Bloody Marys, Catchphrase, food and cracking each other up (and sex??) I can't remember...but I would hope so, but then again we had T there, so it might not've happened. I'll rectify that this time :))!

I sent him a message back, "What made you think of that?" and he replied,
"Sundays with you and me and T are pretty much the best that's all." (awww...)
And so he sent another message, "Maybe next Sunday?"
To which I of course repiled, "Yes! Although, I'd like to see you before then, like tonight."

So after the baby shower, he invited me down to the city (due probably/mostly to my email the evening before and his conflicting schedule). We sat on the couch and he was a little uncomfortable, he doesn't hide his emotions very well (uh, well maybe sometimes he does, come to think of it) and the fact that he said, "I'm sorry this is weird," "You hate me,don't you?" interchangeably and often. I actually was fine, but I was just happy that we were hanging out that, I wasn't too worried what we were talking about. (Wow, I just sounded like a happy little puppy there...).

Aside from hanging out with John, the highlight of the night might've been Roommate 1's hangover/drunken state. While we were sitting on the couch, Roommate 1 came crutching down the stairs and apparently gave a "man apology" (as John informed me) for skipping out on paying for the brunch/drink bill and basically just for being a drunken obnoxious soul. As paybacks, he offered to hobble down the street and get us some Chinese food. As we ate, Roommate 1 kept saying, "Oh boy, this is all going to come up" and asked questions like, "Do you think the pizza's going to come up nicely?" Well, we were soon to find out. After chowing down for about 20 mins the poor boy felt the need to pull the trigger...but since Roommate 2 was in the bathroom, he had to go off the back porch and regale us with his retching (I was giving him scores through the open window) was actually pretty funny. My favorite part? Roommate 1 comes back into the kitchen and says, "The pizza hasn't come out, it's expanded in my stomach like a doughy Deathstar." That had me cackling away...never fear after three trips out the back door, the doughy Deathstar was no more and he announced that he was indeed, ready to drink again (although, it appears that never happened).

Poor John, he kind of looked like he didn't know what to do, as if this was going to offend my gentle sensibilities or something (silly boy). He just kept glancing at me, and then looking at his incredibly drunk (even his hair was drunk) roommate. Because John was doing laundry, he left me with the boys for a little to switch the clothes over to the dryer. This where I learned that I may have the opportunity to attend a wedding in Vegas in May, because Roommate 1 took a Watermelon Mr. Bubbles bath with this girl that he's known for a while and well, "She's not too bad. And we could just get it over with and having a quickie divorce." You really can't fault that logic. Hell, I may do the same someday.

Roommate 2 was moping in the living room reading the world's oldest book about surfing on the couch because Roommate 1 said that he couldn't go out with him because he didn't feel like dealing with nakedness and the police. I didn't really ask, so I can't really tell you what that's all about. All I know is that Roommate 2 had a police escort home the other I'm guessing that's where all of this springs from.

John and I decided to head up to the bar that we went to last Friday...but this time I could actually see the inside of it and gravity wasn't causing me fall over, nor was I drooling on myself (not that I was last least not that I'm aware of). We settled down with a few beers and attempted to get comfortable with each other (I mean we're comfortable to a point, but then there's another point where we both just look at each other and shake our heads)'s weird, I feel totally at ease with him, but he did point out that there are a limited amount of subjects we're kind of stuck on right now. And here they are:

1. Blog posts...past, present and future. For example: misrepresenting him...Just so you know, I got it wrong, he DIDN'T say he loved me at the airport, it was the day before at the FQB...just wanted to get that right--since apparently, that was bugging him (nerd). I didn't misrepresent when you were being an asshole did I?? ha ha. Actually, he said I was pretty accurate, and that's always a good thing to butter up the writer when you're a character in her blog. Smart move Ace.

2. The question, "What did we talk about before the blog?" It's true, we're both a little obsessive about it...well, I think we're both a little obsessive about a lot of things.

3. Getting on the Life Wagon (this might just be a post in's fairly humorous, yep, I think I'm saving that one for later)

4. Melina's "Had I known you were a total train wreck..." speech. It starts off like that but then it varies, I gave it several times last night (another one I think I should save). Although to be fair, had I known he was a train wreck I would've probably liked him even more.

5. "Arguing" (more like debating) that he has in fact followed through with things that he says he's going to do...but seriously, aside from following through with my orgasms or the Strokes tickets...he's not big on the follow through. Although I'm not complaining about his enthusiasm on the former.

and there's more stuff too, but I think I need John's brain to help me remember them...

Anyways, a funny part of the evening was going back to the house and figuring out how to kiss. It was actually pretty cute. Obviously, we both know how to kiss but, he had a pretty bad scrape on his face and I didn't want to hurt him, so we kissed on one side of our faces...turns out that it works out ok that way too. Pretty soon we were ready to relocate upstairs where I was excited to hear about a new box spring to replace the old sagging one. The new one's a lot springier but it sure is squeaky too. I'm sure we entertained Roommate 1 and 2 who were directly below us watching a movie. Exhausted, sweaty and having lost an hour, we both were asleep within seconds. And this morning I was loathe to leave the warm bed and John's comfy arms and head out into the morning traffic...but I did.
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