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Friday, April 07, 2006
My heart's not in it...
Went out with Chelle and Katie last night for $5 pitchers and clams (mmm clams...I love clams, they remind me of summer,and I love summer). I think that sentence could say it all, but I guess it doesn't. Chelle was upset because it looks like her honeymoon with Rob is over. He didn't want to go out with us last night and I guess he was being short with her recently, or at the very least...less lovey dovey. It was bound to happen I suppose and I tried to not put my own personal slant on it, but by pitcher number three I remember uttering the words, "What didya expect? These boys...they rope you in so they can just push you away..." Good lord, when I start sounding bitter, it's time to drink shut me up. I'm not a bitter girl, and I don't ever want to be. Don't ask me what I was saying by pitcher five...

Free shots were flowing from Sweet Cheeks and John's "favorite" asshole (some guy who's the biggest loser ever...and when John gets drunk he has absolutely no tolerance for him). For some reason, this guy now loves me and buys my friends and I shots every time I see him. So I had to answer the now age old "Where's John?" question four more times (I guess they were drunk last week when I told them??) but for four shots of Jameson I gladly proclaimed, "He broke up with me!" over and over again with a lovely smile on my face. Oh the joys of a local bar...I don't think that question will ever get old. Seriously. Never. Ever. Hell, John will be married and people will still ask me, "How's John? Is he coming up this weekend?" I think the sweetest thing uttered last night was when Sweet Cheeks said, "He broke up with you again! Aww, I'm sorry. He'll be kicking himself. It might not make you feel better right now but you're a good girl, and a pretty girl.He'll kick himself in the long run." It was very sweet of him, the only reply I could come up with was, "How's about I kick him?" Of course, I was kidding.

On another front...and this is something that you need to know. Seriously, I don't even know how you would survive without knowing this. I'm sex starved. I haven't had sex since Sunday night, and I'm not one to just have sex once a week. If I had it my way, I'd have sex every day...possibly several times a day (aside from sex with myself, which is a given). I don't know, I guess I have a high sex drive. Higher than some? Than most? I dunno.

Speaking of high sex drives, I "learned" about this crazy nymphomaniac who became that way by sustaining severe head trauma...she then ruined everyone's lives by screwing everyone and the family was a great made for TV movie aired on Lifetime (television for bitter women). So maybe I hit my head a few too many times, or maybe I'm just lucky. Or unlucky, when it comes to times like these.

There was a solution to my problem at the bar and his name was Matty. He offered help with my problem before I even said a word, obviously because he's very classy guy. But I just gave him a half smile and said, "Thanks but I can't." Matty took that to mean that I couldn't due to relationship obligations and that little word called fidelity. So he asked, "Same guy? You guys still together?" I shrugged, "Nah, but I just can't, my heart's not in it." At that he laughed and said, "Since when did your heart get in the way?" Touche, Matty, touche. There wasn't much point in continuing the conversation, or playing catch up so I just went back to my seat.

I have to move on, fine...but I can't go over one guy by getting under another. Well I could, but that would just be a temporary solution, and as much as my body is telling me otherwise...I think I made the right decision. I'm going to miss the days when I'm old when boys just throw offers of sex at my feet. Two last night, not so shabby....
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