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Thursday, April 06, 2006
Little Reminders
(A post I wrote last week...I'm struggling with what to write about today...any suggestions??)

There are little reminders here of John, some of which I have to fight myself to throw away...because really they are just trash.

a band-aid (which don't worry, I threw that away), from when he got blistered on his feet from a bit of rugburn on the day after my birthday. If you're wondering how I know it was his bandaid, it was because it was crumpled up alongside my bed on "his" side AND, um...I don't own bandaids, I snag them off my friends from their purses when I need them.

a half a pack of Parliaments that were hiding downstairs in my basement on the bookshelf.

we rearranged my living room together and did such a spectacular job of cleaning (well he did. i took that opportunity to drink Jameson and help a little...well it was my birthday weekend!!). It looks so much better but it's a constant reminder of who's missing.

little post it notes on my calendar with his bday on it, dates to ask him about for a mini road trip, and other little reminders for me to ask him questions about. I took all of them off the calendar and balled them up just now.

constant spam from hotwire about inexpensive flights to San Diego.

a sock that he lost because my dog took it out back into my yard...and he had to wear one of mine home.

bras and underwear that I bought specifically when I met him. You know how you need new lingerie when you first start hanging out with someone new? well yeah, there's a few pieces here that I pull out of the drawer and just put right back. There's even a cute little halter babydoll that I bought for him, that I never got a chance to wear...maybe because we rarely made it upstairs and just put a show on for the neighbors on the couch. I'm looking for the packing slip to see if it's still around to send it back.

Stupid stuff for sure...but stupid stuff that as I throw some of it out I get sad about doing it.
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