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Monday, April 10, 2006
A Tale of the Hoff and a Globetrotter...
Today was a miserable day spent in a "workshop" (read: a sactioned day of hell) with a woman I had the unfortunate luck of knowing from a graduate class I took a few years back from her...all day she rambled...all day I busted out Anchorman quotes. It was an entirely unproductive day for me and there wasn't anything for me to take from the day aside from the fact that I should've called out sick. We got to do a little writing, but as I was making my freewrite list, I realized that it was full of all the things I have been and am still preoccupied with, and so I didn't want to write about any of those things. I dug deep.

I ended up writing about David group was laughing so hard at my ten minute freewrite about The Hoff that I had to share it at the workshop. The evil bitch of a professor didn't even crack a smile, not even when I mused on the age old question, "silicone vs. saline" in the paper.

Last night was my last "official" moping Sunday...I say that because I feel like I've been moping every Sunday for the past month...not so healthy huh? It always seem like I have a great weekend with him and then by Sunday I'm miserable. So I aimed to fix this. While John was off charming some girl who's going to think she's found her Prince Charming (because he is indeed quite charming), I was wined and dined by my friends here at my house...they whipped up fajitas on the grill, put Anchorman into the DVD player, beers in my hand and then they whisked me off to the FQB for a little socialization.

For the most part, the FQB was pretty tame. We did a bunch of shots and drank countless rounds of expensive beers (I got to go into work later than usual today so I took advantage of that fact), and they just tried to make me laugh for a couple of hours. Seriously, I'm not trying to feel like this anymore, it's actually pretty tiring, so I tried faking a little happiness to see if that would work. It didn't really, but at least it put the friends at ease. I'm usually the one laughing the most and the loudest...when I'm not laughing and cracking jokes, it does seem weird--even to me. My friends deserve wartime pay or something. They have been the best, because they don't bash him and they don't try to pretend to understand what the fuck went down these past few months! They just let me talk about it when I wanted to talk, and filled my glass when I didn't.

What did get me to laugh was this black guy at the bar...he was dressed just like the Harlem Globetrotters in the Scooby Doo episode that they were in that one time. I mean, my man was dressed in full on red, with blue stripes and white stars. Ok, so the outfit (complete with a red sweatband slung jauntily on his head and pink sunglasses)
, in itself was hilarious but then he kept yelling how he worked for Donald Trump and then he got kicked out of the bar because he was badgering some lady, trying to show her his license where it supposedly "said" that he was a Trump emplyoyee. He really brought the bar together because we were all openly laughing at him. Two minutes after he's kicked out, he comes back in, screaming on his cell about how he knows the owner and that he should be allowed to stay and drink with us. It looked like it was getting a little heated until a guy grabbed him, started talking to him about just coming home from Iraq (I don't know how that fit in their conversation but I was too busy with my head on the bar laughing so hard tears were in my eyes). The good samaritan took it upon himself to walk the guy home and we also took it upon ourselves to head home as well.

Home and in bed by 12, I tossed and turned all night...stuck thinking about the stuff I'm trying to push away. Finally around 5am I fell asleep, got a couple of hours of shut eye and then it was off to work for the longest, most boring day of my career. It appears the Universe wasn't down with the idea of cheering me up...
but I'm working on it. surely I am.

After tomorrow at 3pm I will be on vacation until next Tuesday, there's something to be cheerful about...but what to do?
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