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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
The Valentine's Day that wasn't
Yesterday was Valentine's Day (shocking, I know...I bet you had absolutely no clue). I love Valentine's Day...not for the stupid boxes of candy, the sappily worded cards or the incredibly over-priced flowers. I love it for the love thing. Yeah I know. Gag. Seriously though, I'm a sucker for a good idea...and I think I had one.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the Princess Leia getup, which I swear, I seriously considered. Until I realized that it was the dead of winter and I wasn't sure of what time the boy was coming home...but I actually did find a Leia outfit for him (when she's chained to Jabba) so he'll be happy someday, just not yesterday.

My plan was pretty girly, but I thought that he would like it...because his previous girlfriends were "crazy valentines"...I mean the kind of gal that would buy you a beef heart and put bullets in and stitch it up...and then use some of the blood as lipstick. If you think I'm kidding, you're wrong. John told me that he liked the crazy to an extent but that it also creeped him out. So I decided to go the second grade valentine's day route. I cut out paper hearts and wrote things on them like "Kiss Me" and then on the back I wrote about certain memories that had to deal with kisses and other cheesy hearts with other cheesy memories. Although, I was right...he did really like it.

He called me and said, "M., you truly amaze me. When did you do this?" and let me tell you when I did him, I said with all the sunshine in the world in my voice that I just zipped down after work and put them up. Between you and me, I busted out of work early. I attempted to get to the city in a record 35 took about 55. It took me all of 5 mins to artfully place the hearts on the door, talk to Pedro (real name) the Mexican working on the foundation next to Johnny's house and then I was back on the road...for another...75mins. Uggggh.

I talked to Johnny for about 10 mins or so (a record for us, since we both hate the phone and prefer to send 1,763 text messages--true count from last month--shoot me in the head, please), he was going to rally and come up but I could hear in his voice that he was truly sick (the stomach virus that everyone else had already, got him the night before and he wasn't 100%.) I wasn't being totally magnanimous and sacrificing my Vday, I can't afford to be puking...when I've got a good long weekend ahead of me!

I won't say that I wouldn't have loved a bunch of pink lilies delivered to me at work...because that would be a lie. However, I'm glad he saved the gazillion dollars it would've cost, so that we can use it this weekend (because I'm po', y'all!). I've never been one to be about the gifts of Vday, but about telling people how I feel about them and getting to hear how they feel about me (which really should be done all the time!) and I think we did that. And I think we do that every day.

At 1am, John sent me a text, "I wish more than anything right now that I could roll over and hold you in my arms." and I sent him one back before I went to sleep, "Me too babe, me too."
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