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Saturday, February 04, 2006
Change in plans babe...
Last night John and I were supposed to have a little intimate meal at this swanky little Mediteranean restaurant. It only seats 28 people so I made sure thatJohn made the plans, (I mean he made the plans, he should make the reservations!) The only problem was...

He had a horrible day at work. He was stuck crunching numbers until after 6pm. Ick, on a Friday night! I had a horrible time shopping (yes, yes boo fucking hoo, I know). I just wanted to look nice for our fancy dinner...well the mall thinks that it's fucking Spring here in lovely Pennsylvania! Granted, I will say that it has been unseasonably warm, but give me a damn break...tank tops? Fine, tank tops...give me a fucking cardigan or shawl, wrap, shrug anything to cover my arms, since um, it's raining and it's about 30 degrees out right now! Frustrated, I bought two shirts that I didn't need and that weren't what I was looking for anyway. Changing in my car, I decided to go with the new casual outfit that I had purchased. I called John and grumbled about things, he grumbled back to me...then I bitched about traffic...and an hour later...we missed our reservation...and I was still in traffic!

Plans obviously changed. The name of the game was..."I'm going to show my girlfriend off to people," it was kind of cute. In fact, on our walk to the next watering hole/friend meeting place, he said, "I'm kind of showing you off to my, not in an offensive way or anything, I just really like you..." and he trailed off. Stopping mid skip (because yes, I was skipping down the streets of Philadelphia in high heels...there's a lot of cobblestone in the city!!) and kissed him, "I'd be worried if you didn't introduce me to your friends, silly." That's how I met lots of his friends, and they were all a riot. Our last stop of the evening was to hang out with his band members/roommates at one point in time (they all still pay rent but they all live with their girlfriends).

This meeting made me a little more nervous than the was make or break time. And I was starving. While at all the other bars I refrained from drinking much...I mostly just held my glass because I hadn't eaten since 10:25 am. I told John that I was worried that I was going to get drunk so he scampered down the street somewhere to find me food, leaving me in the ever capable, ever gorgeous hands of his roommate. Being the most awesome boyfriend in the world, before he left he leaned over and said, "Go ahead and sit next to him...I know he's gorgeous...get your fill...then you're coming home with me little lady!" So I did sit next to the Italian Adonis and drank my first dirty martini and I fell in love. I am told, that the bar we were in is famous for its dirty martinis...since I have nothing to go by, I'll just say it was fabulous.

A couple minutes passed and John came in with a "knight in shining armor smile" on his face carrying a slice of pizza for me. I wolfed it down in under thirty seconds, to the amazement of several bar patrons...partially because I ate it in thirty seconds and partially because I was eating pizza in a fancy martini bar. Whatever. The pizza worked wonders and I ended up staying up with Johnny all night, waiting to watch the sunrise and then I took him to the airport, where he begged me to join him. But, being poor...there was no way I could swing an overnight trip to Boston...and I know he would've paid for me, but he already pays for enough. So, I gave him a quick kiss goodbye and told him where I'd meet him in the airport tomorrow. And he said, "Ok, I love you babe."

So he loves's been a month...and he loves me.
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