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Monday, January 30, 2006
We broke my bed...and other reasons why I'm falling for him
It was unfortunate, but after nearly 72 straight hours together, John decided that it would be better to go home late at night/early am rather than sitting in the crazy rush hour traffic. We stood at my door forehead to forehead with me whining, "But I don't want you to go home. I want you to stay." To which he replied, "M, to be totally honest...all weekend I was thinking how easy it would be to stay with you...for a really long time. I hope that doesn't freak you out, but I'm falling hard for ya babe." And guess what? It didn't freak me out at made me really happy. So here's a little tribute list to my boy of things that have made me fall hard for him:

1. We broke my bed. My $3,000 bed...the most gorgeous, chestnut sleighbed you have ever seen...We cracked a very thick board...At the time I was laughing but now I want to cry. He's coming back tomorrow with wood glue, a few vices and anything else we need to fix it. I'm fairly sure the board was strictly an aesthetic.

2. I <3 the game CatchPhrase...He took me to Target to buy an electronic version of it...and then he took me to get batteries for it...and then he played it with me all day, even at the bar.

3. He wrote down funny things that T and I were saying secretly and then made this little secret "Top Ten List" and then announced them for us later on...amusing us with our idiocy hours later.

4. Again, he goes right up to the jukebox, plays all this punk rock (which I love...) but then doesn't even blink an eye when he puts in Journey. Even better, he sings it with the girls and myself.

5. We were talking about going to see a band play in Atlantic City for my birthday...but the cheap seats sold out, so I said to him, "Let's think of something else cheaper...Heart and Alice in Chains really isn't worth that kind of money." He turned to me and said, "Actually, I was thinking...something a little more expensive. You've never been to the West Coast and I'd really like to take you to San Diego." My jaw drop. I've gotten flowers every now and then, maybe a teddy bear here and there but no one's ever wanted to take me on a full fledged trip!! I'm super excited. Even if it doesn't work out...we're trying to figure out how we can best maximize my personal days and get as many days out there as possible.

6. He sometimes snorts when he laughs...then he gets this really sober face and says, "Sorry I snorted." Like I care.

7. I love the little text messages I get throughout the day from him. For example today's said, "It's only been a little bit, but I'm looking forward to Tuesday...I can't get you out of my mind." He sends me these here and there...nothing creepy, nothing overly cheesy...they're perfect, they tell me how much he appreciates me, or my humor or (heaven forbid he say it...) my body.

8. I love that he calls his sister from the bar, drunk off his ass to tell her that the boy that she's been pining for is not a good match for her (because he was a drunken lothario) and John kept saying, "I just want the best for you because I love you. Do what you need to do, but remember, you're so much better than that!" The next day he talked to both his brother and his sister and both times he hung up he said, "I love you" to them...I've never had any brothers and sisters and my dad was an only child. My mom's family is fairly icy with each other. I like that he's tight with his family.

Oh the reasons go on and on...
Oh and a final thought, we're really ridiculous. On Saturday we took "the plunge" we sat together and changed both of our Myspace profiles over to "In a Relationship". The funny part was when he said, "Ok, now I have to view my profile and see what it looks like."

Ok we're you know.
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