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Tuesday, January 17, 2006
How Can I Help?
So I forgot that I'm having 10 of my friends over my house...tomorrow!! As soon as I got out of work I ran straight to the grocery store, bought $50 worth of stuff that I'll never use or need except for this one meal...this artichoke hearts. Keep in mind this is the girl that lives on Lean Cuisines...but I can actually cook. As I'm in the check out line I get a text, "Whatcha doin'? Cleaning? " John trying to be funny because my house is a disaster, but he doesn't know that the girls are coming over not funny!!! But I smile anyway. I could answer right away and I got another one, "What not funny?" and so I set my bag down and typed, "I'm in panic mode, I'm having a dinner party tomorrow...I have to clean, I have to cook, I have to do everything!!!" His reply? "What can I do to help? I can't cook, but I'll clean and provide stress relief" And at first I was going to let him come up, but I didn't want to make him give up his gym routine, rush out of work and then sit in traffic for an hour all to help me cook and clean. I really wanted the "stress relief" though...really, really.

So he checked in on my progress a little later,"How's your progress going Pretty One." We chit chatted back and forth and then finally he said, "When can I tackle you again?? I'm cleaning my place so that you can come down this weekend. We can go out, we can stay in, we can go out and then have a long, lazy morning in bed. It's up to you." Well to be honest, I wanted to hop into my car and run down to his house right now, but instead I said to him, "Now I really can't wait for this weekend!!"

He's got me...hook, line and sinker. Now if I can get him to say, "Good night sweet girl," I think I'd faint. Victoria's Secret? Is that you calling my name? I thought so...
posted by Melina at 8:15 PM