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Friday, January 13, 2006
Tonight's the Night (at least that's what Rod Stewart said)
John sends me a text message, "Do you still wanna hang out with me?" Now in my head I'm thinking, "No, I just reply to your 297 daily text messages/emails because I pity you. Good lord of course I want to hang out with you!!!" But my fingers nimbly type, "Of course I do. What do you have planned for me?"

And so here's the plan. Apparently he's a little nervous, friends are all going to be there and his friends are all going to be there and we're all going to hang out together. It's not exactly what I had hoped for but I couldn't say no, especially when he typed (I assume a bit doggedly), "You're intimidatingly cute, I need backup" and then he absolutely melted my jaded heart when he said, "Any way I can, I wanna see you, dude." (he had me at dude...honestly, that's how he talks...he's my Pennsylvanian surfer...ladies don't hate)

A couple hours later, after carousing with his roommate and killing off more Jameson than I'm sure is healthy I started getting texts again. And this is where it gets funny. He sends me a text of gibberish. I respond with, "I believe you're supposed to be my entertainment, I am in a bar and this is not the proper location for me to be code breaking." He replies with, "Oh yeah? What bar? What are you wearing?" I roll my eyes, I blush and then I look yeah, Thursday night at thitwbar doesn't quite inspire me to wear the clothes of daydreams or other masterbatory fantasies. But I tell the truth, "I'm at thitwbar (remember, he's a former local so he knows the haunt fact his sister was sitting a few seats down from me. I almost felt bad for having minor league text sex with her so near...), and I'm wearing to be honest, a tight long sleeve grey t shirt. Um, nothing that cute or anything." And the sweet, sweet man replies, "I think you're cute even in a grey tshirt." Move over Jerry Maguire...that might be the new romantic catch phrase...seriously I heard Bruce's Secret Garden playing somewhere--ok, it was in my head but seriously. My stomach is still flip flopping when I read that text. But nothing compare to our parting email where he replied to something I said about my old flannel pjs and how the ass ripped out of them (remember, I was more than a little buzzed but less than drunk and I tend to ramble) and he says to me, "Now that's hot...Stay rad, I'm going to bed dude."

I'm totally crushing on a man who talks like Ted Logan (Keanu Reeves in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure), and I don't even care...because...well I don't. Fingers crossed for me! I'm trying to do this one right. So there probably won't be a sex post, nor should there be an "I got wasted and made a fool of myself" post. (notice the probably won't in the sentence...I can't totally make any promises...but I'll try).
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