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Thursday, January 26, 2006
Wednesday Night In
I took the day off today, I was supposed to make it to a bunch of a appointments and all of that, but at the last minute I rescheduled them so that I actually had a true day off (well I made it to two, that just had to be taken care of). feels heavenly.

John was supposed to take the day off too, but since he stayed over on Sunday and didn't make it in to work on Monday (detours in the city, still hungover...) he had to go in today. So I decided to go down to him since he's always coming out to the Cornfield these days. Well I impressed myself with my ability to get to my destination without getting lost, frustrated or crying and I even got a prime (parallel parked, no less) parking spot three houses up from his. I triumphantly knocked on his door, knowing that he was expecting me to call with a whiny voice asking him to come help me park (hey, I'm sorry...the town I grew up in (5 mins away from the Cornfield) didn't even have sidewalks!!!). He opened the door, smiled slowly and said, "I'm impressed. You'll be a city girl in no time flat" and with that he pulled me in through the door and into his arms, kissing me until I started to lose my balance (ever see that stupid movie Head Over Heels? Well that's me, when I like someone, I truly do get weak in the knees).

I looked over at his tv, and saw that he was playing Monopoly Party on xbox so I challenged him to a game...but not before we started kissing on the couch...I took him just so far, gave him a wink and then said, "Ok, let's play!" I thought that it would give me an unfair advantage since he looked ready for anything but...Monopoly. How wrong I was...

As we played he kept rubbing my knee, or put his hand on the small of my back and rubbed his thumb in small circles under my shirt. I grabbed a cigarette and lit the wrong side. I would've never noticed if he hadn't pulled it out of my mouth and said something smartass about me and my ability to concentrate. As he started stripping me of property and money, he also started stripping me of clothing...finally he won. And then, so did I...but that was upstairs.

Sweaty, shaky and starved we went back downstairs and started to pick through menus to decide what we could have delivered at that hour. We found a chinese food place that wasn't vegan...I put my foot down, I couldn't do vegan last night...I needed my MSG. Not that vegan chinese isn't good...but it's not as good. Our food arrived and John flicked through his meager tv channels stopping on "Sex in the City" saying, "Yes! I love this's like a how to manual, to figure out you ladies." To which I replied sternly, "Not so much there kid...I really don't know anyone's that strictly a Samantha or a Carrie." But I happily munched on my food while he (the man who was listening to Slayer when I arrived) told me all the storylines that I needed to know about this particular episode. It was actually pretty amusing. After "his show" was over we busted into his roommate's room (who doesn't actually live there) and picked out a movie. I decided upon the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre and we curled up on the couch together.

After about 20 minutes of the movie, I could hear John snoring in my ear...which wouldn't be bad at all but I couldn't even hear the movie, so I elbowed him and said, "Let's go to bed" because to be honest, I was falling asleep too. We went upstairs and I started to curl up on "my side" of his bed, Mr. snore-in-my-ear however, had other plans. Those plans proved to be extremely fun, however, at 12:30am we were both wide, wide awake and he had to be up at 7:30 (or so I thought). We laid there laughing at our stupidity and I made him give me a backrub...which turned out to be one of the most painful experiences of my life and gave us both a laugh, we worked on perfecting the "slight pressure move" rather than the "rip my spine out move" that he had been working on. Sometime after 1:30 we fell asleep...I must've gone under before him.

Then this morning I learned that he's a snooze hitter. He didn't have to get up at 7:30...he hit the snooze button until 8:00. We learned something new about each other. I learned he's a snooze hitter, and he learned that I sit straight up, grab my heart and catch my breath everytime an alarm goes off and he sleeps through it. That meant that I had to wake him up, demand whether or not I should hit the snooze button again (please god, no) and then lay back down, in wait of the next alarm. He's lucky that this morning he smoothed my hair down, kissed me deeply and said that I looked like sleeping beauty when I slept...all was forgiven by the alarm snoozes. Until he said, "That is, if Sleeping Beauty sawed logs in her sleep."

So I snore.
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