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Thursday, January 19, 2006
Phone calls...
Last night I had friends over for dinner and just to hang out. It's something that the girls and I do each month just so that we stay anchored in our friendships. It's great because so much happens in a month that you just don't know everything that's going on. Basically, it's chaotic talking with mouthfuls of food. Bet you didn't know I could cook, did ya??

So after the flurry of estrogen left and I cleaned up I sent John a text. "Party's over, how is your night going?" And he sent one back, "I'm bored, I want it to be Friday. I want to be with you" and that made me smile, but not as much as when my phone rang and it was him.

For two hours we talked...amazing, since I never, ever use the phone (and I don't think he does either). We made a crazy amount of plans...another thing I don't often do. Cheesesteaks for dinner on Friday and everything else that's possibly bad for us. He's on a super restrictive diet and he has this weird dieting idea that once every few weeks he needs to "calorie load" or as he explained to me, "throw logs on the fire" to make your metabolism work at it's prime. Whatever. As long as I get to eat...and it's not just beans, I'm happy. We planned lots and lots and lots of sex, (most of that was my doing but he seemed amenable to the situation). He told me I could take full advantage of him for the weekend, and I plan on it! He decided to take off next Thursday with me since I have to go to the doctor's in the middle of the day, so we're going to "Yuengs and Wings" on Weds night at thitwbar since neither of us are going to work...and then he can just hang out with the dogs while I go to the doctor.

I learned a lot about him. He's been drawn in the past to some very different girls than me. Girls who seem vindictive and incredibly manipulative. I can honestly say that beyond batting my eyes and/or promising sex if someone moved a heavy piece of furniture in my house, I've never been manipulative. John's not going to know what to do with himself...

On a scale of 1-10 of liking him...I'm at a steady 14.3...C'mon Friday, get here already!!!
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