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Saturday, January 14, 2006
see why i don't make resolutions?
So the plan last night was for John and I to meet up in Manayunk with his friends and mine. Chelle and I had just pulled in the parking lot of the first bar in our tour before Manayunk and I look at my cell phone, a text from John. I read it and my heart sank a little, "Sorry hon, doesn't look like I can rally the gang for Manayunk." So I wrote back, "Then why don't you come up here and meet me at K's (a bar located half the distance of both of our houses)..." and I expected some half assed excuse but instead I got a message back that said, "Ok, but you'll have to tell me how to get there." And so I did, and I did it with a big grin on my face, because now here was a man who was going out of his way to hang out with me. Finally. This new motto of "The only thing a girl should chase is a shot" seems to be working. Although, to be honest, I don't even chase my shots...I'm just that hardcore y'all ;)

While I was waiting for him to arrive I hung out with about 19 of my friends (I think I neglected to reveal that fact to him), they were all excited about getting to meet him but I had to caution everyone to be low key about it...since this was really only the third time we had hung out together. It was cool though, once he got there he just settled into a seat next to me and my friends kind of just rotated across from us, each getting to see him and evaluate him. The man even had to show us his sleeve in progress of tattoos...all Star Wars tattoos (yeah, least it's not Star Trek, now that would be worse) and allowed us to coo over the Death Star, Leia and a bunch of other things and people from the movies. But he took everything in stride.

It came time to decide whether or not we wanted to continue on with the group to Manayunk (which he didn't want to do, and I wasn't too keen on it either), go back into the city closer to his house with bars that are more both of our style, or to come back to thitwbar in the Cornfield. He picked to go to thitwbar. At first, I thought maybe he would call his friends that still live in town to meet us out at the bar and when I mentioned it, he cocked his head to the side and asked, "Why would I do that? I'm here to hang out with you" and gave my hand a quick squeeze. At around 12, T and her date showed up at the bar and we all started doing shots and then in walks Tony...John's good friend and bandmate and T's lost love.
"What are you doing here John? Shouldn't you be in the city, City Boy? And why didn't you call me and tell me you were coming up?" Then he looked over at me and made a face, and John said, "Yeah...I came to hang out with Melina." Well Tony put up a fuss for a while, but then he let us be. But I'm sure that he called John this morning to find out what was going on since John obviously didn't tell Tony that he's been talking to me for a couple of weeks now. During the time that we got to spend together I learned a few things from John and I will list them here:
1. He's been "taken" with me since the night he came back to pick me up from the party.
2. When I look at him, my eyes just "get him going" and he can't concentrate.
3. He's got a thing for pigtails...and so he asked me to put my hair into pig tails at the bar after Tara returned a hair tie that she borrowed the other day (I'm anal about my hair ties...don't ask). I sense in the future I will be wearing a school girl's outfit with my sexy pornstar librarian glasses.
4. He likes my brain, and I'm one of only a few girls that he knows that has an actual career (who are these dead beat girls and where can I sign up for that gravy train??).
5. He quotes me...he quotes things I've said to him. (Right now it's the future it could annoying and dangerous, but for now I'm flattered)
6. He really likes my ass...but that didn't come out until we were a little tipsy.

After the bar closed, T, her date and John and I went back to my house to the basement bar. We played some CatchPhrase and drank more beer and just really laughed our asses off with our stupid clues for the game. I went upstairs to the bathroom humming, a little drunk and insanely happy. When I came out, John was standing there waiting for me. He cupped my face and said, "How about we have that first kiss now?"

And if you know didn't stop there. But I don't regret it. Whoops! That last post said I wouldn't get drunk and have sex with you know why I don't make New Years resolutions? Well at least I wasn't ridiculously drunk and it was pretty worth it when I opened my eyes this morning, wrapped in his arms and hearing him say, "I could probably stay right here forever."

Well, we'll won't we.
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