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Wednesday, January 18, 2006
Whiskey and Women
So E's birthday is this weekend...although his relentless pursuit was a little crazy, I think he's finally starting to settle down and go back to being my friend. This being said, I've been trying to be really quiet about hanging out with John, only because I had no reason not to like E...I just liked John more. This has proven to be tough because I'm becoming "that girl" who talks incessantly about some guy, but I think it's because I only get to see him on the weekends and because it's all new...and well, because he's totally the awesomest! The only thing I'd change about him is the fact that he's a seasonal vegetarian. Not that I have a problem with that, I just get anxious when I eat around him, because well...I eat everything bloody.

Anyways, back to the story. We were all sitting at thitwbar (my friends ran an intervention after 6 hours of cooking and cleaning) when E leaned over and asked each one of us what we were doing on Friday since it was his birthday. T said she was working, Chelle said that she was going to be in Atlantic City and I simply said, "I'll be in the city." But E didn't leave it at that...he asked, "Who you going into the city with." So I decided to be evasive, "No one." because it was true, I wasn't going with anyone, I was meeting John down there at his house.
"So you're just going into the city by yourself on my birthday?"
(Gulp, be a big girl)
"I'm going to the city to hang out with John."
E looked shocked, I'm guessing he thought John was going to be one of my famous "hi how are you wanna have sex and then get out of my life kind of guys" and he quickly turned to Tony (John's friend and bandmate), "Did you hear that? M's going to hang out with John this weekend!" To which I raised my eyebrows because E hasn't even ever met John. Tony also looked shocked, nearly as shocked as when he saw us together on Friday. "Oh yeah M? You and Johnny gonna sex it up all weekend? You two gonna get sexy? Good luck, his place smells like whiskey and women." (hmm, how about that last dig? I know for a fact that John hasn't been bringing home the women...he was on a woman ban, after his last girlfriend decided to be a stalker, and I'm not even taking his word for it, I have a very reliable source on this. This same reliable source agrees that yes,however, it does smell like whiskey).

Can't wait for Friday! And he promised that on Saturday morning we could lay in bed all day...
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