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Saturday, January 21, 2006
Someone has a boyfriend...
Yes, it's me, we made it official last night, I think it was the pigtails that did it (he sure does have a fetish for them...and I was happy to oblige since I look darn cute in pigtails). I met him in the city at around 5:30,and he helped this country girl parallel park her car (which was a little tough since he was also kissing me at the same time). Then I got the tour of his house, which is really cute. We sat down at the table and drank some Jameson (his favorite, that I brought down to surprise him...he also bought me a bottle to surprise me...we are apparently drunks) and just made each other laugh and blush for a couple of hours. Because I didn't eat anything all day yesterday it was terribly hilarious (for him I mean, my knees are totally black and blue) when I tripped over the step in the kitchen to go to the bathroom and I went sliding over the tile's a good thing he likes me but I'm a clutz! I switched to soda for a while after that.

Somehow I lost my pants in the kitchen (well I didn't lose them, they were taken from me) and then equally mysteriously I ended up on the counter top-and my pigtails went from cute, to sex hair in 3.2 seconds. This phenomenon of the "losing the pants in the kitchen" seemed to be an M.O for my "boyfriend" (ha ha, I just wanted to be able to use that in a sentence) because numerous times this occured over the Friday/Saturday stay...but hey, no one's complaining.

After that fun (and much pigtail fixing) we went out in search of some of the city's finest food. And by this, I mean cheese steaks. But we didn't stop there, after we went home and continued what we had started earlier we were both soo starved that we went out again and ordered a whole smorgasbord of food. I think I ate more food last night than I ever have in my entire life, but I feel lucky now that I "carb loaded"! Today, true to his word...we spent the entire day in his bed, getting up only once to grab our leftovers (which we also ate in bed). 24 hours after I got there, I struggled to leave the warm bed, and the even warmer man. Sadly, I retrieved my clothes and he walked me to my car...but he was reluctant to see me go too, so he got into the car and said that he would lead me back to the main road and then he would get out and walk back home. My smile lingered on my face as I watched him walk away in the rearview mirror, turning onto the bypass on the road leading back to the Cornfield. Home. But it didn't feel as home-like when I entered it and faced silence. Well, there's only a few more days until Wednesday right?
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