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Saturday, July 02, 2005
Getting To know you, Getting to know all about you...
Something amazing happened in the past two days. Thrilling in fact. Derek and I became friends. And let me tell you, he's the kind of friend that you wish that you had--hilarious, a riot and can lipsync/dance to music like an epileptic on crack! Only kidding, but I can honestly say that I don't think I stopped laughing until he dropped me off at my house last night at 2:30. And even then I still let the giggles escape since I was thinking about all the funny things said and done.

But wait, how do you know he's your friend now M? Excellent question...let me answer that.

Chelle and I were sleeping on the couches totally conked out because we got so little sleep. (Remember Derek wouldn't let us sleep since he had to work at 10 am and it's more painful to sleep an hour...). Well apparently Derek picked up the liquor order and then was sent home from work because he was a sleepy little zombie. Chelle and I decided to got to sleep at around 11:30. we slept until around four at which time the sky opened up and smacked my house with rain, thunder and lightning!

I went online and went to myspace to see what was going. Of course, I found the usual perverted messages and the "you're cute, let's chat sometimes messages" which makes me gag. If you want to talk to me, maybe you should send me a message that would interest me into talking to you...I mean aside from the fact that I'm cute ;) Well I went over to Derek's message board and left him one that said that Chelle and I were bored and that we wanted him to come entertain us. Within an hour he was there. Did I tell you that he's my new BFF? Oh he is.

Plans were formulated that we'd all meet up later at the FQB. It was kind of stupid plan since we were all working on a random smattering of five hours or so. Ok team, break! Chelle came back to get me and looked absolutely stunning in my brand new shirt from Express. Uh you're welcome missy... Chelle I showed at the FQB and it was less than hopping, which is fine...but um, there were three other people there. But lo and behold Derek was true to his word and showed up. We basically reinacted the Night of the Living Dead, three zombies at the end of the bar. We played some darts, I kicked Derek's ass (not really, it was close) and Chelle came in last with a total of four points (we were playing Baseball!)! Then Derek made a quick exit because he was supposed to go out with his other friends to a show in a neighboring town.

Chelle and I packed up and went to thitwbar. Hey, there's no place like home! We hung out for a while, killing time before Chelle was off to be with Co-worker. And then, Derek walked in with two friends. He came over and it turned out, that they missed the show. And then I had it all planned out. Instead of going home when Chelle went to bone Co-worker, I would hang out with Derek and his other friends. It turned out to be the best time ever.

I met Derek's friends who are a riot, we sang songs, we did a little dancing in our chairs, played some darts and Derek and I whined about the facts that due to sleep deprivation our brains were mush. At about 2:30 we packed up, stumbled to the door and headed home. So I guess my lesson of the past two days is that Derek is not only the cutest man alive but it turns out that he's more than mildly entertaining. I always knew he was the best, but now? He really is. Why am I making it harder on myself for when he leaves.
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