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Wednesday, June 29, 2005
Bonding with the Ladies, Real World Style
Last night my girlfriends came over. Chelle was here at about five and I did some grilling and we did some drinking. The rest of the girls trickled in until everyone was here by 9pm. I realize that I rarely talk about how great my friends are in glowing terms as incandescent as those that I use when referring to Drk. That's pretty shitty of me...because...well...they actually care about me.

I had a great time with them though. Each lady brings something different to the table. First there's Chelle. Typically Chelle does not expose her feelings and I completely understand why. It's hard being single and out there. Some people can have flings, one nights stands, friends with benefits set up etc and have absolutely no attachment and no hard feelings when they end. Chelle tends to push them away before they get too close. We had a great discussion about her co-worker and I can see in her face, and in her overall demeanor that she's open,receptive even, to the idea that she and Mr. Co-worker might actually be able to hit it off!

Then came Missy. Missy is probably the most loveable of the group. She's our virgin who is not a virgin. she hasn't had much luck with men in a long time and you can just tell she's looking for a guy that she can just love and take care of. She's so sweet that you have to keep checking yourself to make sure that she's not just playing with you...I mean no one could be that sweet right? But she is and somehow she's got just enough spunk that it's not sickeningly sweet. Ok, I didn't do her justice...but consider this...she brought me thighs should hate her right? But they don't, they adore her.

Then Jackie. Jackie is the married one of the bunch. She's the ultimate mix of Martha Stewart and some drunk old man. She walks in the door and exclaims, "We're going to clean your house on Thursday! This is atrocious! And then comes out on the deck and screams, "What's up bitches!! Aaaaiiiiiiii (like a Native war cry). She bitches about my house being messy (and yes, it could give a frat house a run for it's money at times) but 3/4 of the stuff in my living room is her crap that she's left behind here in the past three weeks! At least I'm getting her to clean for me...and that's a step in the right direction.

Ml couldn't make it as she was sick so our final friend of the night was Jul. Jul, is funny because she's sarcastic but then she kind of tones it down because she's not sure if "she's overstepped her bounds". She cracks me up because when she gets drunk she worries that she "doesn't fit in the group", meanwhile we are all fit together so well. Another interesting fact about Jul is that she must be super sensitive over her boyfriend. She says all the time, "Well I know he's not that good looking..." and then trails he's some ogre or something. Meanwhile he's not ugly at all (sure he's not a model, but eh, who is?) and he does everything for her! He made her potluck meal last week for example. Geesh, he's the next Mother Theresa in my eyes!

So we sat down to watch The Real World and man, we weren't disappointed. Already, the hot chick Melinda (so close to my own name...) is breaking up with her boyfriend stating, "I've grown so much while I've been here." and "I've had my eyes opened..." all euphemisms for, I want to bang the holy hell out of the hot roommate Danny (oh and he is yummy!). And we all had a wonderful chuckle when the young'uns complained that their work time of 9:30am was EARLY...ha ha ha ha... I think I pissed my pants when they said that. (I get up at 5:30 and even that's not even as early as some...hell, I got Matty up for work at 4am ick!). I love the Real World and here's why--that is the idyllic life right there. I would love to go there and have very little responsibility, bitch about said responsibility, get in the hot tub of love and let hot male cast members 1,2 and 3 rub the stress of our "hard" work day out of my body just in time for a night of carousing on the town...which by the way, I will never open my purse to pay for the drinks because MTV knows that the only way to get good salacious tv is to get the kids drunk. And so far, the kids are pretty darn drunk! It's so much fun to have the girls over to mock, admire and emulate (as far as the drinking...we have so far steered clear of my non-existent hot tub) their behavior. Can't wait until next week!!
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