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Friday, June 24, 2005
Well, after dinner with Ml I learned that no, I did not win strip poker...and in fact, I was (at one point) completely naked...and then I refused to put my clothes back on. As Ml put it, " I had a dick to the left of me, a dick to the right of me and your tits staring right at me." So I guess after some coaxing I put my clothes back on. I understand my reluctance though, I mean HELLO! I had Derek on my couch mostly naked (just boxers) and I was naked. C'mon, I had been waiting for this since November. November people!! I've never experienced such a reluctant man in my life...and yeah, I should've given up on him...but damn!

Seeing him tonight (i was at thitwbar for a little...and I'll be going back in a half an hour), made me hot. He came over and we had a little banter and I thought to myself, I just love this guy. And I do. I don't often do the emotion thing...I did it for Matty (just too late) and I have such feelings for Derek (granted I'm three sheets to the wind right now). I want to rip his clothes off again, except this time without the rouse of a cardgame...and perhaps with much less alcohol in my system. However, with seeing him memories (embarassing ones) came flooding back ( I am officially an asshat, bow down before the queen of the asshats). here are some examples of my asshatedness:

"Drk I love your gauges (in you ears) will you be making them larger? You have such hot ears I don't think you should."

"Drk, I thought you'd be hairier but you're not and I think you're beautiful...either way."

"Drk, stop looking at my boobs...I read on your webpage that you're part of the "small boob lovers club" mine are C's...they're too big for you. I'm sorry about my genetics. Really I am." (cupping my naked chest) "Although, I think they are quite nice...and really, you're not going to find another set of C's quite this perky."

"Drk, I don't want you to go to leave the Cornfield...I love looking at am I going to look at you when you're away? Hey, I'm a stalker (of you only) at heart but this will be ridiculous!!"

And my favorite part of the evening? I think he took my underwear home as a souvenir...I can't find them anywhere!!! I knew he was fun, but I never knew this side of him!!! (actually he probably didn't but I can't locate them anywhere).

Be happy for me, it's pathetic I know but I just adore him like no one else. And it's a very one sided adoration of a man I hardly know...but I like everything i do know about him.
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