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Sunday, June 19, 2005
Sex Strike Has Ended...Free at last, free at last...and you know the rest
Well last night was Ry's 30th birthday party. It blows my mind that a) I have a friend that's 30 and b) Ry's thirty! (he certainly doesn't act like it). The party was a lot of fun. Unlike my typical self, I paced myself. I brought my friend Missy to the party and she didn't know anyone so it was really out of courtesy to was just a bonus for me that I can remember the whole evening.

After Missy left I did start getting down and dirty with the keg...until it kicked. I was proud of myself, it was three am and I wasn't falling down drunk. It was a great night. There were all my friends and it was just a nice feeling to sit back and think, "I actually love these people." I had such a blast with Tash. It's time like these that I know that I can never give up on our friendship because she truly knows me inside and out...and vice versa. Well my love for my friends translated into getting naked with one of them.

I have no idea how it happened. One minute I'm playing darts with Bob and the next minute we were kissing. I seriously don't know how or why. We went back out to the bonfire, at this point people were either sleeping or downstairs in the basement playing cards. I still smell of that campfire, but I guess that's neither here nor there. Bob and I kissed for what seemed like hours and then he asked if I wanted him to drive me home. Obviously I knew what the underlying question here was...and I decided to go with it. Shameless, I know but it's been a while since I've been up to my antics.

Now, Bob's got a lot of hype. All the boys joke around saying Bob is 9 and 3/4 inches and full o' girth. They add the 3/4 inches just because "he's so darn close to 10 that it would be a shame to cut him short". To Bob's credit, he doesn't say anything about it. He's a sweet guy, not the brightest bulb but definitely a genuine person. He doesn't swagger around talking about his penis...and I guess I should be more concerned with my other friends who have nothing else to talk about besides Bob's penis (hmm...) I really wasn't thinking about how genuine he was when he was kissing my shoulder blades and relieving me of my cumbersome clothing. Actually, I wasn't thinking at all, if I had--I probably wouldn't have done it--because well, I don't mind having casual flings but I prefer it not to be with my friends. But whatever, I did it and I have to say, it was amazing. All four times.

I finally got to sleep around 9am, with Bob spooning me and holding me so close that I was so hot and sweaty...or perhaps it was my psychosematic issues of people trying to get too close to me. Whatever it was, whenever I tried to pull myself out of the spoon, he grabbed me and said, 'just enjoy someone holding you for once, ok?" Well, I did as I was told and just drifted off to sleep.

So he just left, and before he left he said, "You are amazing. I always knew you would be, but damn..." and he shook his head. "We fit together well, you and me. What are you doing later?" I shrugged. "Good, I'll give you a call sweetheart." and then he leaned down and gave me a kiss.

Where is this going? I have no idea. I don't think I want it to go anywhere...although, I would sleep with him again.

Oh and the boys weren't lying about his legendary's the stuff porn is made of...almost ridiculously so. Damn, I've got good friends ;) Sorry for the low brow post but I had to just get it out because I'm sitting here with a crazy grin on my face and no one to share it with!
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