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Tuesday, June 14, 2005
The Answers to Some Burning Questions--And not so burning...
In no particular order...

1. "My cat's in a box but is neither living nor dead, why is that?" Well...because your cat is a stuffed animal???

2.My favorite fast food item is the Crispy Chicken Sandwich at McDonalds. I only allow myself to eat it when I'm sick because I figure my body needs those calories to fight all illnesses.

3. Hmm, the Hillbilly Mom asks what are my strongest and weakest Jeopardy! categories. Well strongest would be Mythology, anything English related, and Before and After, and anything pop culture (as I am obsessed!). I would be sorely lacking in these areas, "Miliary History", "The Bible", "Math", "Opera" and "Ballet"

4. Bry asked which of my five senses would I want to keep if I had to lose one of them...and I say x-ray vision, oh wait...that's not one of the five? Fine, then I would keep sight. I don't think I could live in a world I could see--I'm a 'fraidy cat!

5. Jay asks the daring question, "Who's my object of lust, and have I given up on Drk and Matty?" Well if you've noticed as I have, I haven't been posting that often and I wish it was because there was a certain someone keeping me occupied but in fact...there hasn't been anyone on the radar. I'm very sad to see Drk leave me for Colorado. I have a feeling that he won't be returning to the Cornfield after this excursion. I haven't seen Matty in a long time. I don't know what's going on there...meaning, I don't know if he finally moved out of his parent's apartment thingy that he lived in. I don't know if he got serious with my replacement...or if he's just spending time up at his parent's place at the Poconos riding his four wheeler around like a mad man. All I know is that I look wistfully at his parent's house whenever I pass it, and I always look at who's coming in to thitwbar when the door opens. It's definitely a regret that I screwed it up...but...I tried to reach back out for him...oh well. You screw up, that's what happens. Hopeully this summer, I'm going to head out of the Cornfield a little more and see if I can meet some nice guys...nice in the sense that they are attractive and funny, not in the sense that they are dishrags and I can walk all over them ;)

6. Now Serra asks, "What do you wear to feel desireable (and nothing is not an acceptable answer)?" I have quite a few things. When I'm out in public, the right jeans, my high (and I mean high) Steve Madden shoes and a crisp white button down (that's not fully buttoned) makes me feel sexy...mostly because the lack of items underneath that get up (maybe a thin bra, but that's it!) Now when, for example, when I was trying to make Matty nuts, I have a boatload of cute babydolls and negligees that I absolutely love...the girlier the better...lots of black and pink lace and ribbons! I used to work at Victoria's Secret when I was in college so...I stocked up!!

7. The Hillbilly Mom also asked if I ever broke anything of importance or ruined anything. Well growing up HMom (can I call you that?) I was considered something of a holy terror. Let's see...I helped my friend spraypaint the side of his mom's car when I was four. We cut a hole in the bottom of his baby brother's stroller because "we didn't like him", I oiled my parent's basement because I saw The Wizard of Oz and loved the Tin Man's oil can. It was quite a pleasant surprise to find out that my dad had an oil can very I oiled the basement walls and floor. These are just a few examples of what kind of attrocities I was responsible for on a daily basis...oh and I broke my friend's little sister's wrist!!

8. Finally, the Big Heavy asks..."Where do you see yourself in five years?" Honestly, I have no idea. Five years ago, I had completely different plans, different career, and I was expected to live in a different state. Then in one day, my whole life changed. Sounds dramatic, but every aspect of my life changed. I'm not upset. I love everything about the life I've made here...the friends, the connections, my dogs, the boys, my house, my job--everything. Seriously, I should be Poly-fucking-anna, with how happy I am. So in five years, I hope to be just as happy when life throws me another curve ball...and I'm sure it will...and I hope I manage it as well.

Today is my last day of work until the end of August yeeeehawwww!! So my's out with the ladies from work to celebrate the end of tyranny for yet another year. Hopefully, I'll have a tale to tell ya!
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