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Monday, June 06, 2005
More From the Beach
It was so fun I had more to post about it.

1. Our one friend got drunk, closed her eyes and began swaying/dancing/molesting a conveniently placed pole that was in the front of the dance floor. It looked like she was a sleepwalking stripper. Fabulous, I tell you!

2. We found out that another friend of ours was a closet Elaine dancer. She danced exactly like Elaine from Seinfeld...I mean exactly like her. I thought at first she was just doing a funny little parody, but unfortunately for her, she was not. It was ok though, we all laughed with/at her and she was ok with it.

3. Ml has a inhuman response to Margaritas. I literally would turn my head to look at her and one minute she was fine, the next minute she told me that "if I could see the whites around her pupils it means she's crazy!" which she then corrected (because she meant if I could see the whites all around her cornea) by saying, "If I could see the white around her pupils it means she's blind." I think that was the point when my margarita came pouring out of my nose.

4. Nikki attempted to call her boyfriend after a night out at the bars, oh at around 3:30 am, but instead she hit the wrong speed dial button and called her mom instead. When she called she kept saying her boyfriend's name in a very confused voice. Then she came back inside and said, "I think I just called my mom, but at first I was wondering why my mom was at John's house!"

5. When we came back from the bar on Friday night some of us were a little rowdier than others...and proceeded to act like five year olds. Jacki was beating poor Nikki up (which is just rediculous, Jacki weighs about 110 libs tops and is about seven inches shorter than Nikki) on Nikki's bed, just pounding her (for no reason and it wasn't malicious...we were all laughing) when BOOM! Both Nikki and Jacki fell off the bed. For the rest of the trip all we heard about was Nikki's lump on her head.

6. For some reason I decided that I was going to "fork" Nikki. I was an interesting drunk plan. I was going to shove all these forks under Nikki's door and when she woke up drunk in the middle of the night she would step on them. It was a great plan except she opened her door after I shoved three of the under the door! I then proceeded to hand her about 1,003 forks and ran into my room giggling.

7. A strange thing we saw was this trend of people doing yoga on the beach. Randomly I saw people doing the "downward dog" and all kinds of weird contortions. I think the best though was this one couple that were doing yoga, staring trance like into the ocean with their baby carriage in between them...hmmm, and I thought the beach was for volleyball, touch football and people watching.

8. There was this weird phenomenon that had us all concerned about Ml's well being, and that was that men were pulling their shirts over her putting her under it with them. The singer of the cover band did it, and then this random Irish guy did it. Is this the new way to ask a girl for her number??? Just checking.

9. We went for pizza after the bar and then we called for our cab. Nikki was pissed that the cab didn't appear the second that we called for it. In fact, she didn't believe us when we told her annoyed she was until both her boyfriend and our other friend had her recorded on their cell phones cursing up a storm. Apparently her phone was open/unlocked and was calling people indescriminantly--all the while Nikki's bitching. It was great to hear the next morning!

I actually think that there are a lot more stories to be there might even be a third installment of our shenanigans!
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