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Thursday, June 02, 2005
A Hair Salon With Priorities
Cr's hair salon is so crazy. She just called me and said, "You have to get down here. They're grilling food out on the patio, we got a keg of beer, a fully stocked temporary bar and karaoke (sp?). Does anyone else find this strange? Although the draw of free beer sure is tempting...let's hope the stylists aren't indulging (yet). Otherwise everyone will look like they had their hair cut with a flowbee.

On another note, I decided to pack about twenty shirts, three pair of jeans, two different hoodies (one zip up, one pullover) I'm sure MooCow would be proud had he not sold out and left the blogging world. I'm not bitter. Oh and about four different bathing suits, a gazillion bras and pairs of underwear and four pairs of shoes not counting my sneakers that I will be wearing on the trip down. Do you think I packed enough for three days and two nights?? Let's hope.
posted by Melina at 8:22 PM