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Saturday, May 28, 2005
The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow? Let's F'ing Hope So
So my plan to slay the members of the opposite sex and have my way with them has well...not taken off. This has nothing to do with my womanly wiles, nor my outward physical appearance, nor my charm or wit. The problem is, I haven't left my home except to go to the gym last night, and to the gym this morning. Oh and an ill-fated trip to Wawa (local convenience store for my foreign friends) with my mom who stopped by to drop off a blanket that's too big for me to wash in my washing machine.

Last night I had nothing to do. I was thinking of calling Ry but for some reason I thought he was away. Chelle was with her sister, Cr with her fiance, Ml at yet another music I settled down with the TV and my book. I shifted back and forth between the two for a couple of hours and then I went to bed. Oooh how exciting! Ry text messaged me at 1:09 am to see where I in which bar, obviously he was in a carousing mood. Unfortunately for the both of us, I was sound asleep. I would've gotten out of bed to go drinking, because that's how bored I was.

This morning I went to the gym and then afterwards my mom came over. We had a small skirmish today. It's not often that we fight but today was a doozy. I'm not even sure I know what it was all about. She said some pretty mean things about "Understanding why I'm single...since I'm so rude, and that I only care about myself" and then she went into Wawa. The great thing about my mom is that when she says mean things she instantly feels horrible. She came out with coffee for herself and a salad for me. She set it next to me and began a truce. The truce lasted a whole block and then she started laying into me again. When I got out of the car I told her, "Keep your damn salad!" (because when I fight with my mom I reduce myself to a 9 year old brat) In response to this my mom screams, "No!" and flings the sealed salad out the window onto my lawn. Not allowing her the final "throw" or say, I grabbed the salad and winged it through her car window and snarled, "Take it!!" and she flicked it back out the window and said, "Then throw it away..." and drove off. We scared the small children in the neighborhood with our childlike antics. I took the salad (now properly tossed) into the house and happily munched upon it on my deck.

A few hours later, she calls me again. It starts off truce-like and then it again goes sour. She begins to chastise me for not being mature, and not taking care of my possessions (I'm not sure why this is being mentioned at all...I think it's just list Melina's faults day, in which case it's going to be a very long day)...mentioning my digital camera as an example. Knowing that she's absolutely right on this point, I do the only mature thing I can do and hang up on her.

I doubt I'll be heading out again tonight as Ry is up at Tash and Pete's house helping them with some home project they've got going on...which means that he and Pete will be drunk and smoking spliffs within minutes. Ah well, maybe I'll get to Nickel Night tomorrow and find a cutie. And maybe tomorrow my mom and I won't be so cross at each other? Let's hope.
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