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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
A Dream That Screams "Let Go Already!"
Ok I just read Kelly's post on how other people's dreams are soo not interesting to anyone but to the person who dreamed it and made me think of last night's dream. It was a doozy, so Kelly--you may want to just stop here.

So last night I dreamed that I stopped at thitwbar and picked up Drk. Somehow we ended up hiking in these crazy trails and then we ran into Tash and her husband who said that they were going out to dinner with V, his new bride and Chelle. They invited Drk and myself and we agreed to go.

Chelle, Drk and I were tying one on at the bar from The Shining (I know it was this bar because it always gives me nightmares). However, there was nothing supernatural going on, it was just that big fancy, wooden bar. Drk and I were cuddling and laughing and just having a great time (that's how I knew while I was still dreaming that I was dreaming) and then in walked V, Vince and V's bride (whom I've never met) and Tash and her husband. I walked over and said hello to Vince and an obviously uncomfortable V and then introduce myself as "a college friend" to the bride. We hit it off well, laughing, drinking it up and then I ask her to help me pick some songs out on the jukebox. V, pulls her aside and when they come back into the room she doesn't speak to me anymore nor will she help me put on songs. Everyone at the table is mad at me for being there, and I wouldn't have even been there except for the fact that Tash invited me. However, I don't think Tash told them that she invited me...I get the impression in the dream that they think I'm there to make a scene in front of V and his wife.

I turn for support from Drk and I just see him fleeing out the backdoor. Chelle who was sitting at the bar with him (and watching me the whole time) tells me that I "fucked up big time". I go chasing after him, and I try to explain but he shrugs me off...until I offer to buy him water ice. I tell him I'll be just a minute and I run back into the bar. I go up to Chelle and explain where I'm going and then I go up to V's table and say goodbye to Tash, a quick rushed goodbye to everyone at the table and then I turn to V's bride (who by the way, in my dream is absolutely stunning) and say, "He's very lucky, you're a riot and you're so incredibly beautiful. I have to go now and I'm sorry if I caused you any discomfort." Then I turn to V and say, "Stop being such a jerk, I would never be rude to your wife nor would I try to weasel my way back into your life. Get over yourself!" And I skip out of the bar (literally) and play frisbee with Drk and his roommate.

So that was my weird symbolic dream. I was thinking before I went to bed that I probably won't be invited to Vince's wedding because V and his wife will be there. Vince is closer friends with V and I'm sure Vince thinks (and I'm sure others think) that I wouldn't be able to handle their presence there (or that they couldn't handle mine)...either way, I guess this was my own way of telling myself that I can handle not being invited and secretly I know that I could handle it...I mean come on, it's been three years. I could care less. And that's my analysis. I'm not exactly sure what Drk's presence in the dream was...damn dick tease with his frisbee games!! What? He can't even give me sex in my own dreams?!? WTF!
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