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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
100 Things About Me--Off On Tangents
1. When I was little I wanted to be a witch when I grew up.
2. I was very sad when I found out that I held no magical powers no matter how hard I tried.
3. My dad thought it was "cool" aspiration, so he bought me a crystal ball (I didn't see anything in it).
4. I went to Space Academy (the next step up from Space Camp)
5. I didn't see the cheesy movie Space Camp until after I got back...well because I didn't want my experience to be "ruined or tainted"
6. I was Olivia in a high school rendition of Twelfth Night.
7. I thought I was going to be an actress when I "grew up".
8. Then I thought perhaps I would be a comedian (comedienne?)
9. I've had four fabulous dogs in my life time.
10. I don't think I would make a good parent because I love my one dog more than the other.
11. I used to think I looked like Drew Barrymore...but no one else did.
12. I got a lot of "You look like Alicia Silverstone" back in high school...after the Aerosmith videos and the movie The Crush came out.
13. I haven't gotten any Alicia Silverstone comparisons in quite a while...but it might be because I dyed my hair dark brown (and it looks way better).
14. By far my best features are my eyes. They are the color of a stormy ocean according to an ex. The only ex that matters.
15. My mom says I have "mood eyes" and they change from blue,to green, to grey.
16. My grandfather looked exactly like Orville Redenbacher
17. Sometimes I want to pierce a bullring through my nose, or some other crazy piercing. But I don't think I actually would go through with it. Although...
18. I got my eyebrow pierced when I was 18.
19. With in 72 hours it was pulled out by my angry father (ouch!)
20. I almost got my one nipple pierced during a drunken party during my final Homecoming celebration as an undergrad (whew...)
21. My favorite ice cream is Butter Pecan, I don't care if it's also the favorite flavor in all nursing homes.
22. I lost my virginity to the following mixed group of artists, Primus, Aerosmith and Ozzy.
23. There is no accounting for musical taste when you are ridding yourself of a cumbersome virginity.
24. I once had a black and blue handprint on my ass, given to me by a man whom I was not dating. The man I was dating was the one to discover it (it was one of two times that I have ever strayed).
25. My favorite television show is Nip/Tuck
26. I am absolutely enamoured with Dr. Troy from Nip/Tuck
27. My mom says that's precisely my problem with men...people like Christian Troy are who I'm attracted to, and who's attracted to me.
28. I have a reoccuring dream about a fire in a mall and me riding the escalator with a fireman.
29.I've been having the dream since I was five.
30. The dreamed increased in vividness and occurence after I read the book Fahrenheit 451.
31. An easy pick me up is...going to get my eyebrows waxed.
32. I love MAC eyeshadows
33. And I'm addicted to MAC lipglass. In fact I reapply so often...that a guy once said from across the bar, "They're shiny enough!"
34. My dogs and I spoon every night.
35. If a man says something about how my dogs need to be "trained" they are immediately red shirted and side-lined.
36. I always fool myself about this...but once I look at those who have said this, and those who have been sidelined--100% correlation!
37. Patrick is one such man who said my dogs need to be trained.
38. My dogs are rambunctious, but completely loveable and have good intentions.
39. I once had a Pretty Woman moment where the saleswoman looked down her nose at me and basically said they didn't have anything in my price range. She was right, I was in Versace but I tried on six dresses just to spite her.
40. Even if I were rich, I don't think I'd buy a $3,000 and up dress. $500 will be my limit if I do get rich.
41. When I was younger I always joked that if I got married, I would do it at my parent's house on the pool deck and then we'd jump in after we "took the plunge"
42. No one ever liked this idea except for me.
43. I'm still considering it.
44. I was the best man in my parents' wedding.
45. My best friend was the maid of honor.
46. I used to only eat completely round chicken mcnuggets because I once found gristle in a squarish one.
47. I never wear matching socks.
48. This is due in part because I honestly think it helps me get "lucky" (as if I need help...ha ha)
49. Due in part because my one dog buries my socks out in the backyard and/or carries them around at all times.
50. Due in part because I'm too lazy to pair my socks up after I dry them.
51. I rarely eat any sweets at all.
52. I dream of potato chips at all times...but I only eat them once a month.
53.My favorite sport to play is volleyball
54. My favorite sport to watch on TV is basketball
55. My favorite sporting event to attend is baseball.
56. I think baseball game dates are romantic!
57. In my very early teens I was fascinated with Grace Kelly but my hair was more Alicia Silverstone than anything (remember grunge people?)
58. During my late teens, my fashion/style idol was Gwen Stefani ( extremely platinum bob occurred after her video for "Don't Speak" came out)
59. During my extreme early 2o's I worhsipped Gwenyth Paltrow's long blond locks.
60. Finally...I dyed my hair a chocolate brown and moved on to the ladies with H names!! I tried to emulate Helena Christiansen.
61. The only reason I can tell you all that stuff is that I keep a shoe box with clippings of all the hair styles that I wanted/got over the years.
62. My best friend is a hair stylist and I haven't changed my hair style (straight with some layers and dark) in about three years...before we met, I changed it all the time!
63. I cry every single time I watch the movie Big Fish
64. But not as much as I cried when I read the book of the same title.
65. The first movie I ever cried at was Aspen Extreme.
66. It MIGHT be the world's chessiest (skiing) buddy movie...I must've been PMSing.
67. I feel guilty when I don't work out.
68. I've been slacking on my workouts I just can't even count for how long.
69. Sometimes I wish I pursued a degree in Geology. I love rocks and minerals.
70. I want to go hike a volcano.
71. I once watched a volcano movie almost three times in a row because my bf at the time was a geology major. I saved myself from the third viewing (it was interesting the first two times) by taking my pants off and throwing them at the tv.
72. I asked him to take my "core temperature" because I'm a cheese.
73. Anytime I play "hide and seek" (the actual child's game pervs) I have the overwhelming urge to pee!
74. I once wiped in the woods with poison was a painful learning experience.
75. I get poison ivy so bad that once when I was little, before my parents had air conditioning they had to take me to the movie theater all day to stop my legs from weeping so badly. Aside from the poison ivy it was GREAT!
76. I used to get grounded from the woods because I just couldn't stay away from the poison ivy...either that or I was just too dumb to recognize it.
77. I was called a prude and a lesbian because I wouldn't participate in the truth or dare sessions in the woods with the neighborhood boys.
78. When I was young I thought that I would get married to an honest to goodness know straight from Ireland? (could you imagine our livers? geesh)
79. my passport has no stamps in it sadly...I've only been to the Bahamas and several Mexican locales.
80. I used to be afraid to swim alone in my pool because I was scared that Jaws was going to get me.
81. In childhood swim classes I used the idea that Jaws was following me to make me swim faster...and I always won.
82. I am allergic to fingerpaints...I found this out twice. Once when I was five with my mom. Once with a certain someone when I was 23.
83. One of the hottest nights of my life involved cooking oil, and my mom's living room floor.
84. Two of the best quotes the following day? "Where'd all the Olive Oil go?" and " Jesus Mellie, Why does your hair look so darn greasy?"
85. My all time favorite most meaningful gift is a ring my mom purchased for me. My dad designed it, picked out the diamond (he wanted the man who loved me to "outdo" him) and had it made but when he died my mom could no longer afford it. She, unbeknownst to me, made payments on the ring for two years.
86. I do not want a diamond engagement ring. I want sometime cool and original. Something that screams my name! Diamonds are sterile stones.
87. I would get engaged without the promise of the ring, if the man was right.
88. I love my job. My whole life feels like it has a purpose because of it.
89. My parents always told me I should pursue this line of work because "I was perfect for it"
90. I refused to consider the job for this reason alone. Until I finally came to my senses.
91. I never grow fingernails because I feel like they look like talons!
92. I want Magnolia trees planted everywhere around me, because there's nothing nicer than a blooming Magnolia (except that they stink like fish when the blooms rot...)
93. I have a harmonica and I want to learn how to play it.
94. I love warm summer rainstorms, and I have a very sexy memory to cherish that goes along with that...although I liked warm summer rainstorms before that.
95. I'm addicted to Thai food...and Chinese.
96. I love dark haired men with facial hair and tattoos...oh Freud what was that? My dad had dark hair, a beard and tattoos? You're kidding me.
97. I kind of find light haired men a little "icky"
98. When I was younger I wanted to be named Penelope or Franchesca...I don't know where I came up with these names since I knew no one with them...or and incidently I wanted my middle name to be Meringue. Blame that on Strawberry Shortcake.
99. I feel like my ability to tell stories is one of my finest qualities.
100. I sleep with my window open, my fan on high and my down comforter on my bed nearly year round.
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