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Wednesday, June 15, 2005
Ah, a survey that's a little new to me (for once). I stole this from Gigi, one of the most kickass individuals online (and off).

1) What's the most vicious thing you've ever said to someone? This is BAD and it haunts me to this day. My "friend" in second grade got into a fight with our other friend. I was a little wuss and wanted to be friends with the first friend...she asked me to say something terrible to our other friend's sister (are you following this?) and I did. I walked up to the first grader and said, "I'm glad your little brother is dead." I didn't even know what it meant, but as it turned out, her mom had had a late term miscarriage and it was a boy. I felt so bad that I went home and told my dad what I had done and I wanted his help to make it right. After I got a whipping of a lifetime in the basement, he took me over to her house where I apologized to both the girl and her mother. The mother hugged me and whispered in my ear, "You are a good girl. That other girl is a snake." (referring to the one who asked me to do it). It was awful, but I learned not to try and chase after friends by doing whatever they ask--and it wasn't that other girl's fault, I had a brain. I can't even imagine myself doing that and now I hope I can forget it.

2) You HAVE to get a tattoo on your face. What will it be? Hmm, I guess I would get a little shooting star along my cheek bone.

3) Utopia or Dystopia?I'll take utopia Alex for $1000! Actually, I think a Utopia would get boring after a while and also after a while you'd realize that it was just a facade that was slowly chipping away. The easy, languid life sounds good but I don't think there would be any progress as individuals or as a society. Ingenuity has arisen from need. Don't you think?

4) What's your favorite Myth? I love the Norse Myth about Fenrir the wolf. Actually, I love all of the Norse heck, I love mythology in general and I'm looking for a Master's program in it. Anyone know any on the East Coast??

5) Rub the lamp, see the genie, get your three wishes. (You can even wish you never got that tattoo, Lord, what were you thinking when you did that.) First, I'd ask for an infinite amount of wishes. Then I'd sit back all smug and wait for the other shoe to drop in a Twilight Zone episode kind of way. You know that when a genie shows up (unless it's Shaq as Shaazam), things never work in your favor.

6) Would you rather see The Future or travel to The Past?The past, although I'd be constantly worried I was going to screw up the present by kissing my great-great-great neanderthal grandfather or something ;)

7) Order or Chaos? Well my bedroom floor (also known as my closet) would say chaos...although I love order, I'm not an order kind of gal...and I lose things when they are put away properly. The rest of my life seems sweeter when in chaos too...hmm, perhaps I'm still too unformed myself to desire order?

8) What's the worst Monster you can think of? The Peanutbutter Monster. It's the name Tash gave to the "thing" that steals one of your shoes when you're hopelessly late and desperately need that one shoe (or cleat before a game). The Peanutbutter Monster reduces you to fear and makes you feel helpless.

9) Do you pray?No. I can't think of a time when I have prayed. Ever.

10) You are given the ability to fold reality in such a way that you can change any one Law of Science, give Darwin a black eye, knock Steven Hawking out of his wheelchair, pinch Newton on the ass - what would you change if you could fold physics and make origami of all the Givens...? Mmm...well...I love power so let me relish in it for a moment. Ok, where was I? Maybe I'll change the Big Bang Theory...maybe the Universe will just continue to expand and never decide to collapse...I think that would be nice. Oh and here Mr. Hawking, let me help you back into your chair buddy.

11) What's the next book you're going to read?I've read three books already in two days, I love not working!!! And now, I'm going to start Tom Perrotta's Little Children. Perrotta wrote Election and Joe College both of which I enjoyed, I only hope this one's as good!

12) What are your last words, Rosebud? "So that's how I go?" (ala Edward Bloom from Big Fish)

13) What would you name your children, male or female? Or the young clones of yourself that you'd raise like your own children?A son: August Thomas (called Augie, after my dad and my dad's alias).A daughter: Vivienne or Victory. I'm also feeling Vaughn as a unisex name.

14) You're not a Werewolf, you're a Were...?Dog--I'd be faithful and loyal wagging my little weredog tail until someone "bad" crosses our path and then I rip said bad person's jugular out.

15) When was the last time you went swimming?Last summer and this Pisces is dying to get her gils wet!
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