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Friday, June 17, 2005
A Night Out
Last night I went out to dinner with Chelle at the local microbrewery. Every time we leave that place we both feel like we're going to burst. I don't think the portion sizes are huge but I will say that the beer pitchers are. After obtaining a slight buzz and a pit stop to my house we went to thitwbar. Trouble was sitting at the bar. Trouble's name was Todd.

I hadn't seen Todd for about two weeks when we made the attempt for the "final" hookup before his girlfriend moved in with him but we were foiled by S. We just said hey and that was that, for a while. Chelle and I proceeded to tie one on...well at least I did. Ry and TFWLM (the friend who likes me) came out as well. Poor Chelle was stuck down talking to TFWLM which really isn't a treat. He's like a crotchety old man at the ripe old age of 27. Seriously, talking to him makes you want to shove nails in your ears so you don't have to hear him anymore!

Ry and I did shots...lots of them. My head still aches from said shots. Todd and his friend (who I later found out is not a friend, but a boyfriend of Todd's girlfriend's friend) came behind me and began playing darts. Hello, exquisite torture how are you?? When his friend went to the bathroom, Todd came over to talk with me. It was mostly small talk and then he drops the bullshit line, "I miss you." And that's when I turned back to the bar and ordered lemon drops for Ry and myself. And I never looked back until I saw his girlfriend arrive to drive Todd's drunk ass home.

For a man who loves flashy things and loves to throw his cash around his girlfriend is surprisingly (and impressively) plain. There's nothing about this woman that would make me look at her twice. I don't feel jealous of her, nor do I feel releaved that I'm more attractive than her--it's not a contest (not exactly). I just feel a desire to know what makes her special. What attracts Todd to her? I've never known him to be anything other than superficial...or maybe he's not, and maybe I only get to see his superficial side? It wasn't worth the time pondering but I did it anyway.

By the time Ry was ready to take me home, I was good and drunk. It was a fun evening but it was a tough night. Chris the bartender was talking about how he didn't think Cr should get married. I inquired as to why and he said because she "hadn't gotten all of her wildness" out of her. I said that I thought she was doing really well and then Chris raised his eyebrow and said, "What about the other night with Derek?" and I'm not sure if Chris is just making assumptions or what but Cr said she was just talking to Derek the other night. Who knows? At this point, who cares?

During the course of the evening I also managed to send a few text messages. The one I could kick myself is the one to Matty. Although saying "I miss you" was the truth, it kills me that I won't get a response. I've decided that my self prescribed sex strike is officially over. J called me last night at 3 am but I was passed out...when he calls again I'm going to invite him over. He may not be right for me but I need to feel something other than regret and twinges of pain from running into my past left and right.
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