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Friday, June 24, 2005
Limo Night
Oh boy. Last night was so much fun I'm squinting out of one eye to type this...actually I can't even wait to tell you the highlight of my evening. So...

My friends came over last night around 6:30-7. We proceeded to get drunk and chow down until about 8:30 and that's when the limo arrived. Our limo driver was a saint, and he should be considering his last name is DeJesus. Seriously though, limo guy would've pulled us all out of a burning building...if only we would ask him to.

Jackie was the highlight of my night. She cracked me up like no other...and when she's drunk she always leans into me and says, "I love you." I think Jacks would have hot lesbian sex with me if it wasn't for me and my aversion to lesbian sex. At around 12 am the shit hit the fan because 120lb Jackie had been drinking like a sailor on leave and it caught up with her in a big way. She became "the puker"...she didn''t puke so much as she spit... I felt for her, however, I was so drunk that I just weaved around while standing.

We got the limo to bring us home...and you would think that we would call it a night right? I mean Jackie's dying in my bed, the majority of my friends are drunk as skunks or quite borderline...but no, ML and I hop back in the limo and say, "Take us to thitwbar." Now there we only had two beers but I think those two beers put me over the edge. It could've been that or the fact that I was smoking Drk's cigarettes and getting dizzy. And now folks, here's the highlight of my night.

We brought Drk and this guy Art home from the bar. Drk was saying continuously, "There's going to be some hot lesbian sex between M and Ml and I will make sure this happens. He did try his darndest but he did not see any hot lesbian sex action. But he did see my boobs. We played strip poker and I think he lost early on because I remember seeing his penis. (for the record it was cute and I would've used it to entertain myself if only given the chance). But somehow, Drk was allowed to have his boxers back...but being drunk it would ludely (and quite often) just grab the elastic waistband and look down his pants. You don't have to say it, I already know...class act all around.

During Strip Poker I think Ml had to get completely naked and I either stopped with my shirt off or I kept winning, I can't even remember. But I can remember this...Drk sitting on the same couch as me, he in his boxers, me without a top or a bra. Torture. I wanted him so bad it was ridiculous. I took every liberty there was to fondle him and I did it...I blamed it on being drunk but seriously? We all know I want on his jock, he knows it too...I think he even made a joke about it.

So I wake up naked on the couch cold and alone this morning. It's such a rude awakening from my lovely evening with Drk. God do I love that boy...even with his milk white skin...we make a nice contrast...him: milk white with tiny nipples and me: tanned a nice swarthy color (including my boobs) and large breasts and nipples. I think I made it a point to press my body against his ( or at the very least brush against him).

This morning I feel like holy hell. I'm squinting at the monitor because it's just too bright. I'm tired and cranky and undersexed. I only toss that in because I really thought this would be the night I bang him. All in all though, it was a great night, banging or n0 banging!! And um....hanging with Drk last night made me realize that I'm going to seriously miss him and would probably go into indentured servitude for him. I ladore him.
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