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Friday, April 29, 2005
Mental Note, Don't Give Out Email Address to One Night Stands
So whenever I'm online I see this name in my buddy list that I don't recognize. It's been there for years. One day this person randomly IMs me and asks me how I know him. I tell him that I don't know him. He asks my name and I tell him. He tells me key bits of info about myself like where I went to college, what I look like, who my roommates were, what sorority I was in (yep, I was in a cult!!) etc. And I am suddenly closing my blinds and locking my doors. Freaky. So I ask him, "How do you know all this stuff?" and he responds, "You must've been a slut in college because you took me home from so and so's party, wow you can't even remember? How many people did you take home with you?" So I ask the next logical question (ignoring the slut poke), "Did we sleep together?" He gets a bit huffy and says, "You really don't know, do you?"
At this point I am exasperated and so I respond with, "I wasn't a total slut in college but I certainly wasn't a nun either" (which is kind of a lie because I slept with whomever I chose to in college and I wasn't concerned with what people had to say about me, if the boys could do it--so could I) To this he responds, "Oh I know you weren't a nun, you were a wild girl!" (Ok maybe he does remember me???) He goes on to tell me what he looks like, where we went, what we did and I kind of remember him (how awful is that? I'm blaming it on all the booze in college for the hazy memory). He then told me that the next morning we exchanged email addresses because he was only up at my college for a night visiting his friend.
So all in all it might've been the weirdest event of my life, having some random guy IM me about something that happened over five years ago. Here's a snippet of our conversation so you can see how utterly rediculous it was! And yeah, you can think badly of me--this isn't a very classy story at all...
Melina: so any plans for the weekend?
Random: Not really
Random: Why wanna hang?
Melina: can't...I don't hang with I have plans
Melina : it's my friend's birthday
Random: I'm so not a stranger but ok
Melina: well then who the hell are you?
Random : A guy you want to forget apparently
Melina : I didn't know we slept together.
Random : We hooked up
Melina: well see I didn't know that
Random : Well I dropped enough hints.
Random : Jeez
Melina : I kind of figured from your hints but...who knows?
Random : Told you when and where and you still didn't know
Melina: be kind. my brain is slow today... we had a work happy hour last night
Random: So give me two more names of NOT horrible encounters from college and I'll leave you alone Melina: I'm sorry I really can't remember. I do remember exchanging email addresses with someone, but everything else is a blur...
Melina: what's your first name? seriously, now I feel bad.
Random: No names for me?
Melina: I'm thinking...
Random: First two good memories that come to meind
Random : Mind
Melina: making out in the snow
Random: There was no snow with me but ok
Melina: hooking up against the wall, in an alley
Random: That could have been me
Random: lol , we did that.
Melina: well then there you go...that was hot
Random: Haha what's my name?
Melina: so seriously, what's your first name?
Random: You tell me
Melina: give me a first letter?
Random: P
Melina: Paul?
Random: Yes. Was that a guess?
Melina: yes, but I do remember a paul
Random: Do you remember bringing a paul home?
Melina: not sure.
Melina: but I believe it...I was a wild girl at times like you said in a previous conversation
Random: I know.
Melina: I love how you've been grilling me on IM for like a year about cracks me up Random: haha more like a month
Melina: feels like a year
Random: What can I say? I'm really not a stalker.
Random: Just remembered who you were and all
Melina: I didn't think you were
Melina: I'm a little sorry you have a better memory than I do.
Random: Well ok. Anyway glad you almost kind of remember the night I slept with you.
Melina: I thought we didn't have sex?
Random: We didn't really...but why get all Clinton over it.
Melina: this is true... we 69ed right?
Random: Do you remember that or did you just do that a lot?
Melina: no I remember i think...
Random: ok cool
[ and so the conversation continued...long into the day. I would've said it was just a friend messing with me but after he told me some more stuff, I knew he wasn't lying. So kids...don't give out your email address to just anyone. Oh, and you probably shouldn't have one night stands either--but whatever. I don't judge.]
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