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Friday, April 29, 2005
Just So You Know...
There are no attractive males that work with me at all...unless you count the two incredibly hot and charming engaged men that were there. Happy hour was fun, but it was no meat market I'll tell you that. Lots, and lots and lots of badly permed women trolled the scene but I think they realized that they were going to come up short as well. After a while I called my friend Monk to come pick me up and take me to thitwbar because I couldn't handle it anymore (hanging with work people) we were all so drunk it was out of hand. So Monk and I went to thitwbar and Chelle met up with us.

At thitwbar they must of recognized the fact that I was completely shit-faced because they put me on "hold". I wasn't allowed to get a drink for about ten that taught me a lessson. Actually I think they didn't let me drink for a while. I ran into Cr's dad who was drunk and missing his daughter...I miss his daughter too. She moved about a half hour away and now we see each other once every other week--I think we're just lazy. But I seriously miss her.

Drk didn't talk to me, I got the nod and the wave and I'm not going to lie...I felt and still feel sad. I completely ruined our friendship, over a t-shirt (well over my crazy text messages...because I thought he was lying) Hopefully, he'll get over this by this summer and we can be friends again. I can see it now, me and Drk skipping down the lane on a warm August night--as friends--I gave up on the rest.

So how do I end this post on a high note? Well, it's 10 am and I'm no longer hung over. I think I'm spending a quality night with my boys, no bars...unless someone fun gives me a call.
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