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Thursday, April 28, 2005
Happy Hour/Employee Meat Market
So this afternoon my work is having a very ritzy affair/happy hour at the local country club so that we can mingle (we don't have work tomorrow--just unproductive meetings, if anyone is worried about my hangover status). I've never been to anything my job has had that involves alcohol--no Christmas parties, no Superbowl things...nothing. I've always thought it best to save my lush life for my private time--but after my horror of a week, I'm going. However, I'm not going to be going all out like I typically do. I wonder if I work with anyone cute?? Hmmm, we shall see. Perhaps a slightly tipsy post will follow this one later tonight.

We also have to keep our fingers crossed for Chelle. She too has a work happy hour thingy and she's hoping that the boy she likes will be there. There is a slight road block there, as she has slept with his best friend in the past--but we're hoping that he can get over that!

If both of our plans crash and burn, we've decided to head over to thitwbar...because well, I haven't been there in two days. And I haven't had a blinding hangover, or witnessed any boys that I've liked on dates's high time I guess.
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